Park friends groups

Interested in making a difference to a park in the borough? Join or start a ‘Friends of Park’ group

‘Friends of’ groups are springing up all over the country. It’s a way for people to improve their local park as a place of natural beauty in partnership with local authorities.

In this borough, there are already ‘Friends of’ groups at Bishops Park, Wormwood Scrubs, Margravine Cemetery, Normand Park, South Park as well as other interest groups for other open spaces including St Peter's Square and Brook Green.

We have some beautiful parks and we are always keen to hear from residents who are interested in protecting them.

We believe that local people are best placed to determine the future of their park so now is the time to join a ‘Friends of’ group and have your say.

We’re particularly keen to establish new ‘Friends of’ groups at Cathnor Park, Lillie Road Rec and Eel Brook Common.

How 'friends of' park groups work.

Would you like to get into gardening?

The Hammersmith Community Gardens Association offers fantastic volunteering opportunities at their gardens.

Websites of groups in H&F

Friends of Bishops Park

Friends of Brook Green 

Friends of Furnivall Gardens on Facebook

Friends of Gwendwr Gardens

Friends of Margravine Cemetery

Friends of Ravenscourt Park

Friends of South Park

Friends of Shepherds Bush Green | FoSBG Facebook | FoSBG Facebook group | FoSBG Nextdoor

Friends of Wormholt Park

Friends of Wormwood Scrubs

If you are interested in starting a ‘Friends of’ group or joining an existing group please contact us:

020 8753 1100