Chestertons Polo in the Park

Polo in the park
Chestertons Polo in the Park is an annual event at Hurlingham Park. It brings together a dazzling combination of international polo and family entertainment to form an unforgettable day out.

Three days of matches will take place on Friday 7, Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 June 2019.

Ticket ballot – key dates

The ballot has now closed.

If you have been successful in your application for tickets we will email you to let you know and we will tell you when your tickets will be ready for collection. 

  • Ballot opened on Friday 5 April at midday.
  • Ballot closed on Monday 6 May at midday.
  • Successful ticket winners will be notified soon via email (or phone to those without email) to confirm they have won the tickets.
  • Unsuccessful applicants will not be notified.

Ticket ballot – general rules

  • ONE application per household is permitted.
  • Each household is eligible for four tickets only for ballot A and two tickets for ballot B.
  • Tickets are for a variety of event days – and will be allocated for either Friday 7, Saturday 8 or Sunday 9 June. It is not possible to request tickets for specific days or seats, as they are chosen at random.
  • Requests for free tickets from addresses other than those postcodes registered within the borough will not be entered into the Free Ticket Ballot draw.
  • Applications will close at midday on Monday 6 May. Entries received after this date this date will not be put into the ballot.
  • Entry into the Free Ticket Ballot does not automatically entitle applicants to tickets, but a place in the draw.
  • Successful applicants are selected at random.
  • Tickets should NOT be given as gifts. They are only valid for use by the original applicant (and their guests where applicable).
  • Free tickets are strictly non-transferable and must not be sold, nor advertised for sale, anywhere.
  • All ticket ballot applicants must be aged 18 years or over.
  • Residents who are unsuccessful will still be able attend by purchasing full price tickets on Ticketmaster.

Ticket collection

  • Collection will be from Fulham library but please wait until we email you to let you know that they are ready for collection before you go there.
  • Residents will be required to bring their copy of email confirmation and provide proof of address and sign for receipt of their tickets.
  • Any tickets not collected will be returned to the events team and offered to borough schools.

Ballot eligibility

Residents living near Hurlingham Park are entered into a first chance draw (Ballot Draw A).

The following streets are eligible for the Ballot Draw A free tickets:

  • Alderville Road
  • Ashington Road
  • Bettridge Road
  • Broomhouse Lane
  • Broomhouse Road
  • Cortayne Road
  • Cristowe road
  • Daisy Lane
  • Dolby Road
  • Edenhurst Avenue
  • Ewald Road
  • Foskett Road
  • Grimston Road
  • Hurlingham Gardens
  • Hurlingham Road
  • Hurlingham Walk
  • Linver Road
  • Melbray Mews
  • Napier Avenue
  • Peterborough Road (including Piper building)
  • Ranelagh Gardens
  • Ranelagh Avenue
  • Sulivan Court
  • Sulivan Road

Once Ballot Draw A has taken place, any remaining applicants from the identified streets are re-entered into Ballot Draw B - for all Hammersmith & Fulham residents with borough postcodes. The remaining tickets are distributed to borough schools.

Further information

For information about the event visit the Polo in the park website.

The ballot for next years event will open in April 2020.

Please make a note on your calendar to remind you to apply via the council website. Due to new data protection rules we will not be holding your email details for next years ballot. 

The Polo in the Park e-mail address is for resident ballot purposes only, and will not be monitored until the ballot opens again in April 2020.

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