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Hundreds of children enjoy free Easter holiday fun

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is currently running two full weeks of Easter holiday fun, including free food for children and young people.

From sports to music and arts & crafts, we have something for everyone aged four to 18, and extra activities for young people up to 25 who have additional needs.

“Every young person should be able to enjoy their school holidays,” said Cllr Alex Sanderson, Cabinet Member for Children and Education.

“We know that times are tough and food poverty is one of the biggest issues facing many of our residents. Our Spring Spectacular offers local children the chance to eat healthy, nutritious, filling meals for free, while learning a new skill, practicing their favourite hobbies, meeting new people and hanging out with friends.”

We’re working in partnership with over 20 local providers.

Check out everything that’s on offer here.

“Lots of different fruit and nice food”

Every element of our Spring Spectacular – from the food to the fun – is entirely free.

Sands End Adventure Playground has already got the ball rolling, with a food-themed week, including cooking and food planning activities, alongside their music, sports and messy play sessions.

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Image caption: Image 2: A child eating fruit at the Sands End Adventure Playground

Earlier this week they taught the children about healthy eating, and everyone got the chance to imagine what fruit they’d want to be.

Mya, 13, explained:

“I would be a dragon fruit because they are unique, strong and healthy. I love coming to the adventure playground as there is so much to do. I like helping out with the younger children, I also like that we get lots of different fruits and nice food.”

“I would be a coconut so that I could live in the Caribbean and enjoy the sun all day long,” added Ramone, 12. “I like coming to the adventure playground because I love football and I get to see my friends in the holidays.”

Kaylen, 8, agreed, “I like coming to Sands End to play football and because I get to build things.”

Getting active

There’s tonnes of sporting fun during our Spring Spectacular for absolutely everybody.

Action on Disability are running sessions on Thursday 6, Tuesday 11 and Friday 14 April for 11–25-year-olds with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

They’re hosting a wide range of sports activities, including bike riding, skateboarding, and yoga, as well as their other popular workshops like art and drama. All sessions include free food for anyone who attends.

Sports sessions are also being run across the two weeks by the London Sports Trust, Minaret Community Centre, Solidarity Sports, Urbanwise and many more.

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Image caption: Image 3: Children playing football at the Sands End Adventure Playground

Book your child’s next activity  

There’s another full week of fun with FREE food for children and young people across H&F.

If you’d like to book a space for your child or find out more about our Spring Spectacular, check out our online brochure.

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