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Warning period for non-H&F drivers ends on 31 January in Clean Air Neighbourhood trial

The two-month warning period for out-of-borough drivers cutting through South Fulham’s streets in our Clean Air Neighbourhood trial ends on Tuesday 31 January.

Non-H&F drivers who pass through the cameras in the side streets off Wandsworth Bridge Road and do not have exemptions will be issued with Penalty Charge Notices (PCN) starting from 1 February.

We do not want to fine motorists. We want to reduce pollution and congestion. That is why we ran an extended two-month warning period from 1 December during which out-of-borough drivers got a warning notice and a letter explaining the clean air trial – not a fine.

Please look out for the signs and avoid using the residential streets off Wandsworth Bridge Road as cut-throughs.

Visitors and shoppers can still reach every street

The aim of Clean Air Neighbourhoods is to clean the air by discouraging out-of-borough motorists from using our residential streets as a shortcut – but not to discourage visitors for residents.

Importantly, all visitors – friends, family, carers, deliveries and tradespeople – can still reach every street in the Clean Air Neighbourhood without going through the cameras.

They just need to enter and leave the area via Wandsworth Bridge Road or enter and leave via New Kings Road. See the map at the bottom of this page.

Shopper parking is conveniently located close to or on the high streets and can be easily accessed without going through cameras.

PCNs will only be issued to out-of-borough drivers who pass through the cameras as they cut through from Wandsworth Bridge Road to New Kings Road, and vice versa.

Booking free access for visitors

Residents can book friends, family, carers, deliveries and tradespeople free access through the cameras by using RingGo via its app or online.

They can do this even after the visitor has left up to midnight on the same day (so if they have gone through a camera by mistake as part of a visit, they won’t be fined).

For those who have problems using smartphones or laptops, we have set up a Clean Air Neighbourhood hotline 020 8753 3849. For full details go to our Clean Air Neighbourhoods webpage here.

Tackling toxic air

We are really grateful for your co-operation as we tackle the pollution and congestion that fuels toxic air in the borough.

As with all new traffic schemes, this will take a while to bed down but we are confident it will reduce pollution and congestion in the area.

If you do receive a fine and believe it has been wrongly issued, please email or call our Clean Air Neighbourhood hotline on 020 8753 3849.


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Image caption: Image 2: Map of west South Fulham Clean Air Neighbourhood trial
  • Text description of the map showing how non-residents can enter streets in the Clean Air Neighbourhood trial to the west of Wandsworth Bridge Road without going through the cameras

    Non H&F registered drivers can enter and leave the area either via New Kings Road or enter and leave via Wandsworth Bridge Road.

    Five cameras have been installed to discourage out-of-borough motorists from using our streets as cut throughs. They are at: Hurlingham Road junction with Edenhurst Avenue, Broomhouse Lane (200 yards north of Daisy Lane), Peterborough Road side of 90 Clancarty Road, Studdridge Street (between Perrymead Street and Bowerdean Street), Ryecroft Street / Stokenchurch Street at the junction with Perrymead Street.

    Via New Kings Road, non-residents can drive on the following streets: Perrymead Street, Chipstead Street, Quarrendon Street, Chiddingstone Street, Bradbourne Street, Coniger Road, Peterborough Road (south as far as Sulivan Court), Broomhouse Road, Broomhouse Lane (until just before Daisy Lane), Studdridge Street (east as far as Perrymead Street), Linver Road, Alderville Road, Cortayne Road, Ashington Road, Cristowe Road, Bettridge Road, Foskett Road, Ewald Road, Dolby Road, Grimston Road, Napier Avenue, Hurlingham Gardens, Ranelagh Avenue. Hurlingham Road is accessible via Grimstowe Road, Foskett Road or Ewald Road. Edenhurst Avenue is accessible via Ranelagh Avenue, Ranelagh Gardens is accessible via Napier Avenue.

    From Wandsworth Bridge Road, non residents can drive on the following streets: Carnwath Road and Broomhouse Lane (until Daisy Lane), Breer Street, Dymock Street, Hugon Road, Woolneigh Street, Friston Street, Narborough Street, Ashcombe Street, Beltran Road, Settrington Road, Clancarty Road, Daisy Lane, Sulivan Road, Peterborough Road (until just north of South Park), Studdridge Street (west as far as Bowerdean Street ), Bowerdean Street, Ryecroft Street ( west until just before junction with Perrymead Street ), and Stokenchurch Street.

    Monitoring cameras have been installed to provide feedback on vehicle numbers and inform any alterations. Anyone can go through them. They are sited in Ranelagh Avenue, Foskett Road, Ewald Road, Daisy Lane, Studdridge Street, Clancarty Road and Settrington Road.

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