New Year’s resolution: Eight ideas to learn in 2023

Need some inspiration for a New Year’s resolution?

H&F’s Macbeth Centre has more than 450 courses on offer. There's something for everyone!

Attending classes in person (or online) helps keep you motivated. Our next term starts in January.

Here’s eight ideas to inspire your 2023 New Year’s resolution at our popular Macbeth Centre in Hammersmith.

1. Learn a language

Skip the apps this year and really commit to your language goal.

If you're a beginner or more advanced, we’ve got language courses at all levels in German, Polish, Italian, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Mandarin or Spanish.

We offer various English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses.

2. Upskill for a new career

Do you want to change careers next year?

From counselling to childcare and teacher training, gain a qualification that will help you land your dream job.  

We offer a huge amount of training and upskilling courses. You can improve your digital skills or even learn book-keeping.

3. Get fit

The most popular New Year’s resolution doesn’t have to be a chore this year. You can have fun while getting active at our ballroom dancing course.

Or why not dust off your bike and take it for a spin? If your bike needs some TLC, learn how to care for it for only £5 in our bike maintenance course.

If you’re over 50, give any of our Agewell courses a go. We’ve got everything from seated exercises to full-body workouts for any fitness level.

4. Go green

Why not cut back on buying fast fashion this year? Take our clothes-making course as it’s the perfect way to get creative, all while reducing your carbon footprint.

We even have a jewellery course to complete the outfit sustainably.

5. Eat healthily

We know that your budget may be tighter in 2023 – but eating well doesn’t need to break the bank.

Our new FREE Ready, Steady, Cook on a Budget course will teach you cost-effective ways to feed yourself or your family.

6. Get creative

Break out of your creative rut in 2023. Try one (or more) of our courses in:

Why not finish that book you’ve been ‘writing’ for years?

Either our writing for wellbeing course or illustration course – or both – are the perfect choice to get you back on track.

7. Hit your groove

Join our Macbeth Community Choir to practice singing and meet new people. They recently performed at the Tower of London.

Get one-to-one piano lessons whether you’re a complete beginner or a competent player.

8. Get handy

Have you been putting off home improvements because you’re not sure where to start?

You can try welding, woodwork, upholstery and more in our impressive facility. Or if you’re keen to learn to service your car, sign up for a motor vehicle maintenance course. We’ve even got our own garage!

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