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Seeing double? Check out the new riverside mural in Fulham

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Image captionImage 1: Charlie Scott's mural tucked away in the garden of Hammersmith & Fulham’s Rainville Estate

Have you spotted this hidden gem in Fulham?

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Image caption: Image 2: Detail of Hammersmith Bridge from the new mural

The beautiful new Dorset Wharf mural is tucked away in the garden of Hammersmith & Fulham’s Rainville Estate on the riverwalk. It’s just near the Crabtree pub walking south from Hammersmith.

It was painstakingly painted by North End Road resident, Charlie Scott, 52, and depicts a scene along the river including the iconic Hammersmith Bridge. The stunning mural was funded by H&F Council.

Charlie consulted local Fulham residents to determine the design that also creates an interesting illusion with the river above.

About the artist

Charlie has lived in H&F for almost 23 years and has had a passion for painting since an early age. He’s also painted another mural in Hammersmith’s Margravine Cemetery.

Despite having relatives who were accomplished artists, Charlie says that he was often told off for drawing on his family’s wall as a young child. Now, art is his livelihood.

Mass appeal

Local residents worked closely with Charlie on the plan for the mural during the six-month design period. Once it was completed, a coffee morning was held in the estate’s garden where the residents and the artist celebrated the work.

“It was wonderful to be there,” Charlie says. “All the residents came and everyone was happy. The residents were my allies during the process.”

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Image caption: Image 3: Views of the mural from within Rainville Estate's garden
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Image caption: Image 4: Full-width panoramic view of the mural

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