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PHOTOS WANTED: Show us how you ‘No Mow May’

Hear that? Hammersmith & Fulham is buzzing with life!

You will have seen the grass in our parks grow tall and more and more bee-friendly wildflower meadows pop up on our estates these past two weeks.

Once again, we’re letting nature take charge for a whole month as ‘No Mow May’ returns to the borough.

Aiming to boost biodiversity and create more space for plants, birds and insects, the popular campaign forms part of H&F’s efforts to become the greenest borough in Britain.

“A mowed lawn means fewer flowers for bees and butterflies to visit, and no food plants or habitat for spiders and other insects to live,” said Francois Jordaan, Tenants and Residents Association Secretary for the Bayonne Estate in Fulham.

“Parks and especially semi-wild areas can make a significant difference in their survival. And they also benefit us humans: in air quality, in educational value, and simply the beauty of nature.”

There’s still plenty of time for to get involved. If you live in H&F, why not take part in our No Mow May photo competition?

Calling local nature and photography enthusiasts

We want to see H&F bloom!

Whether it’s your dog on a wild butterfly chase, or picnic pics in the tall grass – show us how you, your (four-legged) friends and family are taking part in No Mow May.

The top four photos will win a £50 gift certificate to the W6 Garden Centre in Ravenscourt Park, Hammersmith.

Do you have a lawn or green space at home? Send us pictures of your new wild areas.

No lawn? No problem. Show us how biodiversity is blooming in your area as No Mow May is rolled out to various council estates this year.

Please submit your pictures to by Tuesday 31 May 2022.

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Image caption: Image 2: Head over heels – following last year’s success, our No Mow May photo competition returns this year

Bloom boom

No Mow May is one of the steps H&F is taking to restore and enhance nature as we build the greenest borough in the UK.

For the whole month of May, we’re letting green spaces around the borough grow wild to help bees, plants and insects thrive.

The areas being left unmowed in H&F not only include parks, gardens and road verges this year, but also open spaces on various local council estates.

Learn how No Mow May inspired Francois to take further action on creating a greener borough.

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