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Cllr Emma Apthorp becomes H&F’s youngest Mayor

New H&F Councillor Emma Apthorp has become H&F’s youngest-ever Mayor after being confirmed on 25 May.

H&F Leader Cllr Stephen Cowan nominated the recently elected 22-year-old from Hammersmith to modernise the role, encourage more young people to engage in democratic public life, and to make improving the world for women and girls the centrepiece of the next mayoral year.

Cllr Stephen Cowan said: “Emma is smart, committed and really cares about making a difference. As our new Mayor, she will not only help revitalise our local democracy for future generations, but she will also craft new ways forward that improve life for women and girls.

“Just two years ago, Sir Michael Marmot’s groundbreaking report found that, over the previous decade, life expectancy has actually fallen for Britain’s poorest women. Meanwhile, violence against women and girls has increased, and women face bearing the brunt of the worst cost-of-living crisis since records began.

“None of this is acceptable to us. Our message to everyone facing these challenges is: we’re on your side. I’m delighted Emma will help lead this fight.”


Cllr Apthorp said: “I’m grateful to have this opportunity to make a difference and that in this mayoral year, improving life for women and girls, will be the centrepiece.

“It’s an honour to be the Mayor of this amazing borough, the place where I grew up and is my home. I will work hard and do my best for all our residents.”

Cllr Apthorp was elected as a new councillor for the Hammersmith Broadway ward on 5 May.

She was born and grew up in Hammersmith. While at Cambridge University, she was involved in many community projects including campaigning for the university to pay a living wage, volunteering in local prisons and feminist action. She is also lead member for violence against women and girls. She is dedicated to improving life for women and girls and reimagining our criminal justice system.

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Image caption: Image 2: Cllr Trey Campbell-Simon who represents Walham Green ward

Youth voice

Cllr Apthorp is joined on the council by 23-year-old Councillor Trey Campbell-Simon.

Also elected on 5 May, he represents the Walham Green ward.

Cllr Campbell-Simon has been appointed as the borough’s lead councillor for youth advancement and will work with the council’s Cabinet and Mayor to improve wellbeing for young people and help make sure they have the best possible life chances.

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