Nominations now open for the 2021 Youth Achievement Awards

Members of H&F's Youth Council introduce the 2021 Youth Achievement Awards.

Find out how to send us your nominations.

Video transcript

Various members of the H&F Youth Council speak to a camera from their homes.

Speaker 1: On the 4th of May the Youth Council will be holding a virtual Youth Achievements Awards which will take place at Saint Paul's Church in Hammersmith and will be live streamed on Google Meet.

This will be an event to celebrate the diverse range of young people in our community and giving them the recognition for their great achievements and successes.

Speaker 2: The categories for nomination are:

Young person who has made a significant contribution to others. For example, young carers to their family or to their school or local organization.

Young leader, a young role model who has motivated and inspired others.

Achievement in education, a young person who has made excellent progress or attainment in education.

Young volunteer, a young person has made an active and significant contribution to the community.

Young performer of the year, a young person who has excelled in performing arts including music and dance.

Young artist of the year, a young person who excelled in non-performance related arts.

Young innovator of the year, a young entrepreneurial or technological innovator.

Speaker 3: Overcoming adversity, a young person who has overcome and persevered through challenges.

A green champion, a young person who has championed a positive change for the local environment.

Young Covid-19 champion - a young person who has done something outstanding to support others during lockdown.

There is also a contribution to young people award a service or youth project that has gone the extra mile or done something extraordinary to support young people.

Speaker 4: All entries will be judged by a panel of young people and local stakeholders after nominations close on the 9th of April with winners and runners up to be featured and celebrated in the live awards event.

So if you know a young person living working or going to school in Hammersmith & Fulham with achievements that deserve recognition please fill out the online form.

[Speaker 5 is also using sign language]

Speaker 5: This is the only info the judges will see and will be able to make their judgments by so you need to make sure your entries stand out.

Speaker 6: Anyone can make nominations, young people can nominate other young people or service for an award. Youth workers social workers or teachers can also nominate.

Speaker 7: Achievements must be from within the past two years and in line with the previously mentioned categories.

All of the criteria are also written on the online form just in case you need any extra information.

[Speaker 5 is also using sign language]

Speaker 5: You're welcome to nominate as many young people as you would like and we would also like to invite you to attend our online event on the 4th of May and we will be sending out instructions at a later date on how to attend.

Speaker 8: If you would like to get involved in helping to plan events like this in the future and are passionate about having your say in what is happening in the borough then why not get involved in our Youth Council. Contact Brenda on the email shown on screen now [] for more information on how to apply.

[End title card]

Youth Achievement Awards, Hammersmith & Fulham.

Nominations run until the 6th of April 2021.

[Since this video was recorded the nomination deadline has been extended to Sunday the 11th of April 2021.]

[The Hammersmith & Fulham Council logo is displayed, then the full web address to the Youth Achievement Awards web page]