NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers' Day 2021

For NHS Thank You Day 2021 and NHS, Social Care & Frontline Workers’ Day 2021, we worked with H&F Circles to produce a short film paying tribute to all those who have worked so hard for the community during the pandemic.

Narrated by actor and Hammersmith resident Dame Sheila Hancock, the film tells the stories of several H&F residents who have been helped by frontline workers in the last 18 months.

Amongst those telling their stories are Monica, who was helped by NHS first responders after a fall; Tracy, the daughter of a care home resident who was unable to visit her mum for 15 months; and Andrew, who was hospitalised for over 55 days with Covid.

“The last 18 months have been particularly challenging for all of us,” says H&F Leader Cllr Stephen Cowan in the video. “But throughout that time, our NHS, our care workers, and resident volunteers have stepped up and quite simply been heroic.”

Video transcript and description

The video includes on camera interviews with H&F residents directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. They tell us their stories and offer their thanks to the NHS, frontline carers and volunteers.

Dame Sheila Hancock reads a voiceover and appears on camera to say thank you at the end of the video.

The video includes some exterior shots of Charing Cross Hospital, health workers inside the hospital and ambulances arriving at the hospital.

[Dante and Michael, who are fully vaccinated H&F residents, talk to camera in their home]

Michael: The last one and a half years was the most dreadful period in our lives.

[Background music plays and we see images of ambulances, the exterior of Charing Cross Hospital and health workers doing their jobs inside the hospital]

Sheila Hancock voiceover: Throughout the pandemic our local NHS, social care and frontline workers have given their all. When we were asked to step back, they stepped forward, working strenuous shifts putting their lives on the line to save ours. So, today we want to pay them a special tribute.

[Andrew, a Covid-19 patient, talks to camera from his armchair]

Andrew: When my flatmate, who is nurse on a Covid ward, announced that she had tested positive to Covid-19 the following Sunday I got results that I was tested positive.

[Monica, who was helped by the NHS responders, talks to camera from an armchair in front of her window]

Monica: I skidded on a carpet. And fell fully on this elbow. And, also, in twisting I cracked the pelvis.

[Tracy, daughter of a care home resident, talks to camera standing on a lawn]

Tracy: My mum is 83 and she's been in the care home since March 2019. She's got early-onset dementia. I think we weren't able to see mum for about 15 months, maybe, but it feels like a lot longer.

Andrew: I went into hospital on the 15th of January. What I didn't realise was it would take 57 days until I next woke up.

Monica: Two wonderful ambulance women turned up. And we were off.

Dante: We went for the second jab. It was beautifully organised. We were very, very grateful because they really did a hard work.

Tracy: There's lots of carers that have been quite close to mum because she is that character. They love her!

Monica: And there was a man… I don't quite know where he was from but he, um, you could feel the compassion.

Andrew: Now I've got a community physio. And also, my thanks to Doris and Vini who’ve been the carers looking after me.

Michael: And the people who worked on the vaccine in the laboratories, they should get any prize in the world.

[Catherine, a Hammersmith & Fulham resident, talks to camera from her garden]

Catherine: I think for me as an American, it was quite a contrast when I moved to the UK. This past year has really reminded me how important it is and valuable to live in a country with a national health service. I never worried for once that I wasn't going to get the care that I needed.

[Cllr Stephen Cowan, Leader of Hammersmith & Fulham Council, talks to camera from a Covid testing centre]

Cllr Stephen Cowan: The last 18 months have been particularly challenging for all of us. But throughout that time, our NHS, our care workers and resident volunteers have stepped up and quite simply been heroic.

Sheila Hancock voiceover: Thanks to their dedication, we are on the way to normality and are catching up on many of the experiences we have so missed.

[Dame Sheila Hancock, Hammersmith & Fulham resident, appears on camera in front of her bifold patio door]

Sheila Hancock: And for this, we thank you.

[Multiple screens show all the video interviewees saying a joint ‘thank you’ to camera]

On-screen caption: NHS, Social Care and Frontline Workers’ Day – 5 July 2021. We thank you.

On-screen caption: This video was brought to you by H&F Council. With thanks to the NHS, social care and frontline workers, volunteers and residents including Dame Sheila Hancock.

On-screen caption: Produced by TEB Creative and H&F Circles.