Michael Underwood shows you around our new Novotel London West vaccination centre

Clinical lead Michael Underwood shows you inside our new NHS mass vaccination centre at the Novotel London West in Hammersmith.

Video transcript

Hello, my name is Michael Underwood. I'm the clinical lead of the mass vaccination centres here at the Novotel in Hammersmith.

I'm actually a senior nurse at Imperial College Healthcare Trust and we've been responsible for setting this vaccination site up.

I would really encourage people who are eligible, that they book an appointment and come to the mass vaccination centre. It's a very efficient and friendly, professional service. And we want everybody to be able to feel comfortable coming here.

So if you have any questions around the vaccine, or any hesitancies, please do come and speak to one of our members of staff.

If people turn up to the vaccine centre and they're concerned about the vaccine, for instance the news on Astra-Zeneca, we'll sit down with the patients, we'll have an evidence-based informed discussion telling them about the facts that there's no evidence that it will cause blood clots.

And we'll just go through any hesitancies, evidence, making them feel comfortable and then generally people are fine to have the vaccination.

Someone goes and gets the vaccination and they'll maybe post it on their social media that they had the vaccination and sometimes people will be "Why has that person had their vaccination before me?" or "Why? I'm older and they're younger".

But we have to understand that many people have certain medical conditions or vulnerabilities that will ensure they get their vaccine quickly.

But, what I would say, everyone will be offered a vaccine and everyone will be vaccinated.

It's our first week this week, and it's been such an honour to work with the council and to see so many of the local community coming for the vaccinations.

We've got people working here from different backgrounds, different ethnicities, people who have worked throughout the airlines. So it's just really good that we've all gelled and come together as a team.

So please come and get your vaccination.