Inside the Smugglers Way recycling plant

Video description and transcript

[Shots of recycling material moving along conveyor belts and being sorted into containers by hand.]

Did you know that your recycling is sorted by both hand and mechanically?

[Shot of a resident taking a clear recycling sack through their front door and out into a dustbin for collection.]

After being collected, it is taken to our facility in Wandsworth.

[Shots of a collection lorry arriving at the Smugglers Way Recycling Plant]

[Shots of a collection vehicle tipping its contents into a receiving well and the contents moving along conveyor belts]

Anything that can’t be recycled is removed by hand, before the rest is sorted by machine.

[Shots of workers picking items off a conveyor belt and working behind screens and windows.]

The following items should NOT go in your recycling:

  • food waste
  • garden waste
  • old clothes and shoes
  • batteries and electricals.

Please empty and clean bottles and food or drink containers before recycling.

[Shots of a mechanical grabber picking up recyclable items.]

Thank you for helping us recycle 8,800 tonnes of material last year!

[Shots of a forklift truck moving around bales of compressed recyclable material.]