H&F cracks down on crime hotspot in Shepherds Bush

A three-months operation to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour in Shepherds Bush Green is underway. The operation is a direct response to ongoing drug and safety concerns on the Green, Uxbridge Road and surrounding streets.

Video transcript and description

This video features Acting Sergeant Thomas Cooke speaking to camera from Shepherds Bush Green and various film sequences of Shepherds Bush Green as well as other Law Enforcement officers patrolling the green, looking for knives on the green and children's play area and talking to people using the green.

Thomas Cooke speaking

I'm Acting Sergeant Tom Cook and I'm Ward Sergeant for six different Wards in the north of Hammersmith & Fulham, one of which is Shepherd's Bush Green.

We have reacted to community concerns and crime rates in this open space we have put in partial closure order on Shepherd's Bush Common and surrounding streets.

A partial closure order doesn't restrict anyone from entering the green, but what it does do, is show behaviors that are connected to the order which you must not do.

The problems mainly were drug users going onto doorsteps to use class A drugs.

Specifically we've had several issues at the children's playground area where we've found multiple knives and different bags of different drugs.

The Hammersmith & Fulham Council Law Enforcement Team (LET) are actively patrolling the partial closure order which we implemented on the green.

Their intelligence and local knowledge of offenders, assist us in dealing with those people that want to cause misery to the residents locally.

Clifford Pinto, H&F Law Enforcement Officer, speaking

The intelligence that we get from patrolling the streets everyday and meeting with the residents even in their own houses, has helped us to understand what the residents' concerns are and what the residents want. They want a safer and cleaner area, like everyone else.

A lot of residents are very happy to see that action was taken and that their voice was heard.

One of the actions that we have taken from listening to the the local businesses and local residents, was in the children's area, where there were seating benches, these have now been removed, so that will stop people from congregating and causing anti-social behavior from drinking.

Also we try to work with other third parties, so Mungos, Outreach, Streetlink as well, to see how we can assist them.

We've conducted many weapon sweeps in this park during this year.

When we've come across any dangerous weapons or knives we have passed on to the police.

And throughout 2023, the CCTV cameras will be upgraded, which will be 360 degrees cameras which should capture more of what's happening in the area.

Thomas Cooke speaking

Anyone from the community should be able to walk through here without intimidation and without the threat of violence. If anyone in the area sees anything that's an emergency always call 999.

If it's a non-emergency please call 101, or you can also contact Crimestoppers with intelligence that you do have.

End title card

H&F Law Enforcement Team. Here to keep you safe.

Email let.hf@lbhf.gov.uk or call 020 8753 1100 and select option 3.