Here’s how easy it is to get a free, rapid Covid-19 test in H&F

With 1 in 3 infected people showing no symptoms, this video shows how simple it is to help protect your family, colleagues and friends.

The video was made in our Shepherds Bush Library testing centre which has now closed. Although some of our test centre locations have changed the testing process shown remains the same.

Book your test today – the booking page also tells you the current locations of our Covid testing centres.

Audio described video

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Video transcript and description

We follow our guide, a lone man going for a Covid test, from his arrival at the Shepherds Bush Library testing centre until he leaves the library having completed all the necessary steps for his rapid Covid test.

There is no speech on the video.

It is a sunny day in White City. Shepherds Bush Library is right next to the Westfield London shopping centre, by the Wood Lane entrance closest to Shepherds Bush Green.

We first see a view looking across the open space of Shepherds Bush Green with a ‘Book a Covid Test’ digital messaging board in the foreground.

Next we see an exterior view of Shepherds Bush Library.

On-screen caption: Rapid Covid-19 tests are now available at Shepherds Bush Library and other locations for anyone who lives and works in H&F.

[Shot of the front door to the testing centre]

On-screen caption: With 1 in 3 infected people showing no symptoms, the tests offer peace of mind.

[Shot of an advertising van parked on the roadside displaying the message ‘Stop Covid: Book a test at a site near you.’]

On-screen caption: And help people protect their family and colleagues.

[Our guide walks up to the testing centre front door and shows his mobile phone to a volunteer]

[The volunteer opens the door to show our guide inside]

On-screen caption: You’ll be asked to sanitise your hands before you enter.

[Our guide sanitises his hands using dispensers just inside the entrance of the testing centre]

On-screen caption: And have your temperature taken.

[A volunteer takes our guide’s temperature with a handheld thermometer gun]

[The volunteer asks our guide to scan a barcode from a registration card with his mobile phone]

On-screen caption: You’ll then be asked to register your test online so your results can be sent to you afterwards.

[Our guide stops for instructions at a registration desk where a volunteer is behind a protective screen]

[Our guide walks further into the testing centre]

On-screen caption: When you go in, you’ll be shown to a testing booth.

[Our guide sits down in a testing booth across from a testing officer who gives him information – both people are separated by a protective screen]

On-screen caption: And you’ll be given a test to do yourself.

[Our guide looks into a mirror holding a test swab in his hand - he then inserts the swab into his mouth]

On-screen caption: You need to put the swab at the back of your throat.

[Our guide inserts the test swab into one of his nostrils]

On-screen caption: And then insert the same swab 2cm into one of your nostrils.

[Our guide slides the swab into a surgical container, through a gap in the protective screen]

On-screen caption: You then give the swab back to the testing officer. And you’ll receive your results in under an hour.

[Our guide stands up and leaves the testing booth, starting to walk towards the testing centre exit]

On-screen caption: The whole process is quick, easy and could help save lives.

[Our guide exits the testing centre]

On-screen caption: Book your free test today.

[End title card]

Book your test at

Shepherds Bush Library, Westfield London, W12 7BF. [This centre susequently closed on 9 April.]

Sands End Arts and Community Centre, South Park, SW6 3EZ. [This centre susequently closed on 9 April.]

H&F Council, 145 King Street, Hammersmith, W6 9JT.

[The Hammersmith & Fulham Council logo is displayed]