Help for survivors of domestic abuse

In this interview, Zainab Al-Shariff explains the support available at Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre to women and girls who are experiencing abuse at home.

Survivors can turn to the service for advice and practical, confidential support – available in both English and Arabic.

The centre is part of our partnership work with the Angelou service. It’s a specialist group of five organisations that provides free support for domestic abuse survivors.

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Video transcript and description

This video features Zainab Al-Shariff speaking to camera from her office space about services and support available through the Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women’s Centre.

The speaker to camera is intercut with footage showing Zainab at work and general footage of her office space and computer equipment.

Zainab Al-Shariff talking

My name is Zainab. I work as an Independent Domestic Violence Advocate with Al-Hasaniya Moroccan Women's Centre.

Al-Hasaniya supports Moroccan and Arabic-speaking women. We support any woman who's experienced any forms of abuse. So that can include physical, verbal, emotional, financial, sexual abuse or controlling behaviour.

And our service is really led by the woman and for the woman. We will speak to them in confidence if they would like initial advice. We are able to look at risks and how to make sure the woman is as safe as possible.

If she would like protective orders, that's another thing that we're able to support women with. And we've got many partners that we work with in the community.

We speak Arabic, so we are able to offer our support in Arabic as well.

We also offer a culturally-sensitive service, so for us as staff understanding the culture, speaking the language, we know it's very very important for a lot of the women that we support.

It's our role to listen and to respect a woman's decision and to just support her through whatever she decides to do.

The domestic abuse project that I work with is part of the Angelou partnership, which is a partnership that includes specialist organisations that supports vulnerable women who've experienced domestic abuse.

A lot of women are scared. They're scared to speak, they're scared that if they don't speak English, they may not be believed.

We just want to reassure women that we are here to listen, we are here to support them, they will be believed, they're not going to be judged.

And we're here to just offer them as much support as we can.

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