A day in the life of an H&F recycling and waste crew

The video follows an H&F recycling crew during their day’s work in the borough. It features shots of the crew at work and some crew members talking to camera.

Video transcript and description

General shots of trucks setting off in the dark and crew members saying hello to each other before they set off on their round, and putting on their hi-vis workwear.

On screen caption – 6am: Our bin lorry crews are getting ready to leave the depot.

First (unnamed) crew member speaking: Six o'clock in the morning, we are going to work now.

Shots of the truck leaving the depot in the dark.

Second crew member (named Si) speaking: My name is Si. In regards to the wheelie bins, I've been in it from the start, I think it's about two years now. Yeah, so, I'm a loader. We're doing the wheelie bins, green bins collecting recycling, and the black for refuse.

Shots of crew members getting into their trucks.

On screen caption: The fleet includes over 20 different refuse vehicles.

Third crew member (named Mark) speaking: My name's Mark Gowar. We collect the food waste. Well, we leave the yard at six o'clock, we go to whatever our starting point may be, which obviously is different each day.

Shots of crew members and trucks working along an H&F street.

On screen caption – 7am: The crews are out on the streets.

Shots of crew members pulling wheelie bins along the street and putting them on the auto-loaders at the back of the truck.

Si speaking: Basically, we just walk along with the truck as it goes along, put the bins on, make sure they go back.

Shots of Mark demonstrating the different sizes and types of food recycling container.

Mark speaking: Food waste bins from the customers go into the big bin. Big bin, when full, the lorry comes up, tips it in, we carry on.

Shots of the truck driver manoeuvring his lorry while in the cab.

On screen caption: H&F recycled over 275 tonnes of food waste in 2022.

Shots of Si checking inside wheelie bins to make sure they have not been contaminated.

Si speaking: Basically, just looking for contamination. To make sure it's all recyclable, double check, because a lot of people put the garden waste in with recycling as well. I don't know why. Making sure there's no wood and stuff like that to be taken in it. It's basically auto, just stick it on and it does it automatically. Rubbish and recycling.

Shots of Si demonstrating the auto-loaders at the back of a split recycling and waste truck.

Shots of a truck arriving at the Wandsworth recycling centre.

On screen caption – 11am: The lorry arrives at the recycling facility in Wandsworth.

On screen caption: Non-recyclables are unloaded first.

Shots of the truck emptying its load at the recycling centre.

On screen caption: Recyclables are then sorted and sent off to be turned into something new.

On screen caption: We recycled over 8,800 tonnes of material in 2022…

On screen caption: That's 2,310 less tonnes of waste sent to disposal than the year before.

Shots of machinery lifting unsorted material into the waste and recycling depot building.

Video ends.