North End Road – a community-led redesign

North End Road market
North End Road market

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We’re investing in a community-led redesign of the North End Road to provide a long-term enhancement of the market, support the growth of existing and new businesses and attract more shoppers.

Our aims 

  • Create a thriving, sustainable and welcoming high street.
  • Keep the market and make it better.
  • Encourage more people to visit North End Road.
  • Do things with residents and businesses – not to them.

We want as many local people and businesses as possible to take part and share their ideas and suggestions for the future of North End Road. We’ve commissioned architects to come up with a range of improvements to North End Road that will support our aims.

We have identified an initial £1million of funding and we have applied for additional funding from the Mayor of London’s Liveable Neighbourhoods Fund.

What we have done so far

We have commissioned a transport study and an area assessment which will support the process of redesigning the high street. We have been talking to shopkeepers, market traders, community representatives and local community groups. The area assessment and transport study will inform bids for additional funding and the design of the highway improvements and public spaces.

We spoke to shopkeepers, market traders, community representatives and local community groups. Based on what they told us, we put together an initial wish list of possible future improvements.

Residents were invited to view and give their opinions on the wish list at a public exhibition on 8-9 February at St John’s Church in North End Road. 

We also asked residents for their views and suggestions on how we can improve North End Road with an online questionnaire.

What happens next?

Based on the responses from shopkeepers, market traders, community representatives, local community groups alongside the online questionnaire and feedback at the public exhibition, we’ll come up with a plan for the way forward, which will involve further consultation.

Some of these improvements will be small and quick, others will be long-term projects which need more investment.

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You can follow the progress of this project at which will be updated regularly.

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