Hammersmith Bridge closed

We've had to close Hammersmith Bridge urgently to motorists because of safety concerns. Our weekly safety checks have revealed critical faults and we had no choice but to shut the bridge. We’re sorry we couldn’t give you more warning.

The 132-year-old Hammersmith Bridge is part of TfL’s strategic road network. Unfortunately, up until 2015, TfL were sending 100 buses an hour over the bridge which is something it was never designed for and which was the most important contributing factor in causing this level of damage.

Hammersmith  Bridge closed
Hammersmith Bridge closed to traffic

In 2015 we secured an agreement that there would never be more than one bus going either way at any one time. However, the bus companies consistently breached that agreement, ignoring our engineers’ warnings that this would cause a critical structural failure.

Our frequent safety checks have now revealed critical faults. We are simply not prepared ever to put anyone at risk. We therefore had no choice but to shut the bridge.

The costs of repairing Hammersmith Bridge has risen to at least £40million. We are sympathetic to TfL’s funding problems. TfL has suffered an £800million cut to its budget from central government and has had to pay for the refurbishment of Albert Bridge and Putney Bridge in recent years.

Meanwhile, over £43million was wasted on the failed Garden Bridge folly. It would have been much better to have invested that money into Hammersmith Bridge which would have avoided this problem and the inconvenience to thousands of Londoners.

We are working with the London Mayor and TfL to agree a way forward and call on government to provide the necessary funding to maintain this vital piece of London’s infrastructure and this beautiful feature of Britain’s engineering heritage.

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Traffic diversions

Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to cross.

Diversions are in place for motorists and the bus routes which use the bridge - find out more about Hammersmith Bridge diversions on the TfL website.

View a map showing where to catch your bus (pdf) now Hammersmith Bridge is closed.