Road Safety Week

19-23 November 2018

Led by national road safety charity BRAKE, Hammersmith & Fulham Council Transportation & Road Safety Team are supporting National Road Safety Week, running from 19 to 23 November 2018.

Together with our civil enforcement officers (CEOs) and Met Police officers, our road safety officers will be visiting roads with schools and other locations which have road safety issues. These will include locations where there is dangerous or inconsiderate driving, parking and where people are ignoring parking restrictions such as school keep clear markings.

This year’s theme is ‘BikeSmart’, addressing cyclists and motorcyclists’ safety. Locations will also be visited where residents have told us about road safety concerns. Motorists and cyclists who put themselves and others in danger through their behaviour will be targeted. This includes locations where there are school crossing patrols.

Additional road safety officer activities scheduled during this week, and supported by Metropolitan Police:

  • Traffic speed monitoring/enforcement of 20 mph areas through Community Roadwatch (in association with Transport for London)
  • Close Pass: cyclist/traffic safety (also known as Space For Cyclists)
  • Advising motorists to be especially mindful of pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists, particularly as seasonal weather and morning and evening hours of darkness are encroaching
  • Checks at locations of community concerns.

This work supplements the ongoing road safety programme operating throughout the borough by the road safety team, covering the road network. Practical road safety training workshops are carried out in schools, nurseries and children’s centres.

Please turn off your engine when stationary - it