Hammersmith & Fulham Poverty and Worklessness Commission

Vision and terms of reference

The London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham is located in a relatively wealthy part of one of the richest cities in the world. It supports a high level of employment and enterprise, is home to several multinational companies and soon will host a world-class university. Yet, within the borough, entrenched pockets of poverty and worklessness still exist that, to date and despite multiple interventions over the years, have proved intractable.

The Hammersmith & Fulham Poverty and Worklessness Commission will:

  • Aim to identify the factors underpinning the continuing prevalence of both poverty and worklessness in the borough. In doing so, it will draw upon the perspectives of local people living in, or on the edge of poverty and/or worklessness, as well as professionals, leading experts and best practice from elsewhere in the UK and around the world.
  • Formulate recommendations for interventions and/or service redesign, to deliver better outcomes for local people living in, or on the edge of, poverty and/or worklessness, and increase economic, employment and other opportunities for all.
  • Make proposals to local, regional and national policy makers for freedoms, flexibilities and funding where necessary to implement these longer-term, in so doing helping central government to deliver on its agenda of encouraging self-reliance in society while saving public funds.

Terms of reference

The Commission will:

  • Define poverty and worklessness in relation to Hammersmith & Fulham through, inter alia, a thorough review of available data and intelligence
  • Oversee a review of the available literature on poverty and worklessness, drawing on studies and commissions from elsewhere in the UK and internationally
  • Steer research with local people and groups identified as living in poverty and/or worklessness, to identify i) the factors that prolong each state and ii) the support and interventions that could increase access to economic, employment and other opportunities,  helping them to leave poverty and/or worklessness
  • Call for written evidence from leading experts, policy makers and practitioners and explore this through a series of thematic oral hearings
  • Make recommendations to local, regional and national policy makers that will help people leave poverty and/or worklessness and widen access to economic and employment opportunities
  • Propose interventions and potentially service redesigns for implementation locally, or more widely, that will help people to leave poverty and/or worklessness and promote self-reliance
  • Make the case, where appropriate, to local, regional and national policy makers to provide freedoms, flexibilities and funding for programmes to tackle poverty and worklessness in Hammersmith & Fulham and beyond, to be evaluated in the medium and longer term.

The Commission will meet at least every two months, supported by reference groups meeting as required and by working groups as appropriate. It will report to the Council, its relevant Policy and Accountability Committees, local residents, partner organisations and other interested groups.

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    16 November 2016 Seventh meeting

    7 September 2016 Sixth meeting

    12 July 2016 Fifth meeting

    10 May 2016 Fourth meeting

    15 March 2016 Third meeting

    20 January 2016 Second meeting

    3 November 2015 – Inaugural meeting

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    Final report

    Enquiries: Programme Manager – Tom.Conniffe@lbhf.gov.uk