TRAID small electrical equipment and textiles recycling

In partnership with TRAID the textile recycling charity, we are running a scheme to collect and recycle your unwanted clothes, shoes and accessories, as well as small to medium waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

TRAID will collect from your property for free:

  • clothes
  • paired shoes - tie pairs of shoes you donate
  • accessories
  • linen - TRAID cannot collect duvets or pillows

The items you donate should be clean and in good condition.

TRAID will also collect:

  • small household appliances like irons, toasters, kettles, fans, medium size vacuum cleaners
  • laptops, fax machines, printers, phones and smartphones
  • audio, audio-visual and other entertainment related equipment like mp3 and mp4 players, stereos, DVD players and game consoles
  • tools like drills, saws, sewing machines
  • hairdryers, electric toothbrush and shavers.

Ideally, TRAID would like to collect clothing and WEEE together. If you also have clothing to collect, simply place the waste electrical equipment in a bag alongside the clothes. If you only have waste electrical equipment, to make the collection worthwhile please ensure a minimum of three items.

If you only have unwanted textiles, please ensure you have a minimum of one bin liner’s worth of clothing, shoes and accessories to make the collection worthwhile.

All profits raised from the scheme will go towards TRAID’s projects, fighting global poverty overseas and providing environmental education in the UK.

How to book a collection

To book a free collection, call TRAID on 020 8733 2595 or use the online booking form.

What happens next?

A collector will call on the Saturday following your request, between 9am and 12 noon to collect your unwanted shoes, clothes, accessories and WEEE for reuse and recycling as long as you have notified TRAID by 1pm the previous Friday. Please place all your items together in a bag.

TRAID can collect any small to medium waste electrical items as long as they are easy to handle by one person.

You can also take clothes, shoes and small to medium electrical items to some of our Smart Bank recycling sites – visit the Recycle Now website. Charity shops will also take unwanted clothes.

All white goods as well as heavy items will need a traditional bulky waste collection. For more information, please see our bulky waste collections web page.

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