Stamford Bridge Grounds planning application

Image 1
Image caption: Image 1: Artist's impression of the new Chelsea FC stadium

Application reference number 2015/05050/FUL

Here is the latest information on the planning application to build a new football stadium within Stamford Bridge Grounds, Fulham. 

31 March 2017

The Section 106 legal agreement has today been completed and planning permission has been granted.

A copy of the planning permission and a copy of the Section 106 Agreement can be viewed using the links below.

Planning permission decision notice (pdf)

Section 106 document (pdf)

6 March 2017

The Mayor of London responded to the Stage II referral and has confirmed that he is content to allow the council to determine the application and the Mayor does not want to direct refusal or take over the application for his own determination.

January 2017

The planning application was approved at the Planning and Development Control Committee on Wednesday 11 January 2017. View the planning application committee details for more information.


In November 2015, the council received a planning application to build a new football stadium within Stamford Bridge Grounds.

The application, submitted on behalf of Fordstam Ltd (‘The Applicant’) was registered as valid on 19 November 2015.

The application comprises the demolition of the existing football stadium which has a capacity of 41,600 seats and other buildings within the grounds, and the construction of a new larger football stadium with a 60,000 seat capacity. Other features include ancillary stadium-related uses including a club shop and museum, plus a separate restaurant/cafe use.

The new stadium involves both excavation works and the construction of new external concourse areas.

This includes the formation of decking platforms over part of the District Line and part of the Southern mainline railway. New pedestrian access arrangements on match days would be provided from Fulham Broadway Station and Fulham Road. New vehicular access would be provided via Wansdown Place.

The extent of the application site is shown on the aerial plan (outlined in red).

Image 2
Image caption: Image 2: Area around Stamford Bridge included in the application

In August 2016 a number of amendments were made by the applicant to the proposed development.

Some amendments were made in response to the representations received on the original submission. Other amendments to changing technical and operational requirements as well as ongoing design refinement. The principal changes to the design reflected in the Amended Proposed Development relate to:

  • Enhanced landscaping proposals. These include additional tree planting, green roofs and perimeter planting;
  • Refinements to the stadium design, including minor changes to massing and roof geometry and the introduction of a combined heat and power (CHP) plant;
  • Reduction in overall number of parking spaces from 250 to 190 spaces; and
  • Amendments to the proposed decking platforms in certain locations around the edge of the Application Site.

A comprehensive set of revised application drawings and documents were submitted with the amended application. These included a Revised Environmental Statement, addenda to existing documents (including the Planning Statement, Design and Access Statement and Transport Assessment), together with a number of new documents including a Lighting Assessment, Ecological Management Plan and Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP).

View the plans and documents