Marks and Spencer White City planning application

St James has submitted a hybrid planning application for the redevelopment of the M&S Mock Shop Warehouse site on Wood Lane, White City.

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Image caption: Image 1: Artist's impression of the redeveloped Marks & Spencer site in White City

Location plan

Planning application

Hybrid Planning Application

On 19 May 2015, LBHF Planning Applications Development Control Committee (PADCC) resolved to grant planning permission, subject to the satisfactory completion of the s106 legal agreement and any subsequent direction from the Mayor of London.

Planning application (part detailed/part outline) for the demolition of all existing buildings and structures and the redevelopment of the site for residential and mixed uses comprising the erection of new buildings ranging from 11 to 30 storeys to provide up to 1,465 residential units (Class C3) and use classes (A1-A5, B1, D1 & D2), the provision of a new publicly accessible open space, new pedestrian and vehicle routes, accesses and amenity areas, basement level car park with integral servicing areas and other associated works: (1) Detailed planning application for up to 37,135 sqm. (GEA) new residential floorspace with ancillary residential facilities (C3) (excluding basement floorspace); up to 1,995 sqm. (GEA) flexible commercial floorspace (A1-A5), community (D1) and leisure (D2) (excluding basement floorspace); provision of a new basement level; provision of a new bridge over the central line cutting; means of access; and associated amenity space, landscaping, car parking and cycle parking, energy centre, and other associated infrastructure works. (2) Outline planning application (with all matters reserved) for up to 112,295 sqm. (GEA) residential floorspace and ancillary residential facilities (C3) (excluding basement area), flexible commercial (A1-A5), office (B1) use, community (D1) and leisure (D2) floorspace; provision of a new basement level; new and altered pedestrian and vehicular access including decked area over the central line cutting at the south west corner of the site; and associated amenity space, open space, landscaping, car parking and motorcycle parking, and other associated infrastructure works.
(Revised plans received March 13 2015).

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Details of site specific policy

The site is within the White City Opportunity Area and comprises part of Strategic Site WCOA1, as designated in the Core Strategy (2011).