Landmark House and Thames Tower

The council has received a planning application for the redevelopment of Landmark House and Thames Tower, Hammersmith. The application has been submitted by E&O Ltd (‘the Applicant’) and was registered as valid on 25 January 2017.

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Image caption: Image 1: Artist's impression of the redevelopment of Landmark House and Thames Tower, Hammersmith.

18 August 2017

The Section 106 legal agreement has today been completed and planning permission has been granted.

A copy of the planning permission and a copy of the Section 106 Agreement can be viewed at the following link:

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7 August 2017

The Mayor of London responded to the Stage II referral and has confirmed that he is content to allow the council to determine the application and the Mayor does not want to direct refusal or take over the application for his own determination.

July 2017

The planning application was approved at the Planning and Development Control Committee on Tuesday 11 July 2017. View the planning application committee details for more information.


On 18 April 2017 the applicant submitted a number of amendments to the proposed development, principally to reduce the overall height of the tallest element to 22 storeys and design changes to facilitate this. The image above is of the revised proposal.

The application continues to comprise the demolition of the existing Landmark House and Thames Tower office buildings and the erection of a new building split into three sections. The first two elements remain 6 storey and a 12 storey office buildings, while the third element has now been reduced from 28 to 22 storeys and continues to provide a hotel. The main changes are as follows:

  • Hotel element reduced by 6 storeys to 22 storeys
  • Removal of the mezzanine within the high top floor restaurant/bar
  • Removal of the mezzanine within the hotel reception
  • An increase in the floor area of the offices and basement
  • Reduction in the ground to first floor level space from 8m to 5.6m
  • Reduction in size of cultural facility to 418sqm
  • Slight reduction in the height of of the office elements with a mezzanine added to the top floor of each
  • The increase in the east/west width of each element by around 0.5m

A comprehensive set of revised application drawings and documents were submitted with the amended application which be viewed at the link below.

Accessed from the north of the site is a ground and basement level cultural space while the two top floors of the hotel building provide a public restaurant/bar and viewing gallery. At ground level there is public realm with retail units and landscaping resulting in the site being fully accessible and open to the public from all sides.

The extent of the application site is shown on the aerial plan below:

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Consultation deadline 

The council has undertaken a re-consultation on the revised scheme. Comments on the revised application should be received by 13 May 2017

The Council will try to consider representations received after the consultation period has ended, provided they are received before a decision has been issued.

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Please quote the application reference number: 2017/00172/FUL

Case officer details

If you would like to discuss the proposal please contact:

Peter Wilson, Principal Complex Applications Officer

Planning Regeneration
Planning & Development
London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham
Hammersmith Town Hall Extension
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London W6 9JU.

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