Earls Court planning application West Brompton Village

This planning application is for an area of the Earl’s Court development identified as West Brompton Village and would supersede the relevant areas of Permission 1 and Permission 2. See boundary shown with a blue line on the map below.

Earls Court West Brompton Village

The application is submitted in full and covers land in both RBKC and LBHF. It has been submitted to both Councils for their determination. Combined the proposed development would provide 37 residential units and 607 sqm (GEA) of retail use, together with 0.2 hectares of new public open space and 9 car parking spaces and 65 cycle parking spaces. Vehicular and pedestrian access would from Old Brompton Road / Lillie Road and Empress Place.

The application to LBHF is reference number 2013/05201/FUL. You can view and comment on the application to LBHF on the webpage linked in yellow below.

The public consultation period for this application has ended. We are no longer accepting comments from the public on this application.

View the application

Basement extension application in RBKC

EC Properties Ltd has also submitted a planning application to RBKC for an extension to the basement as consented by Permission 1. The basement extension application proposes a floor space of 3,360 sq.m (GEA). It would be used for ancillary purposes (e.g. parking, plant and servicing) linked to the Earl’s Court development.

Further information

The application drawings and supporting documents (including the supplemental environmental statement) can be seen between 9:00am and 5.00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays) at Reception First Floor Hammersmith Town Hall Extension King Street London W6 9JU.

Copies of the applications will also be made available free of charge from Dp9 Planning, 100 Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5NQ. A high resolution copy is provided on a memory stick or alternatively a low resolution is provided on a CD.

If you have any views or comments on these proposals, please write to the planning case officer John Sanchez, quoting the application reference number 2013/05200/RES (Reserved Matters) and/or 2013/05201/FUL (West Brompton Village).

The case officer at RBKC is Edward George and specify the application reference numbers PP/13/07062 (Reserved Matters) and/or PP/13/07063 (Basement Extension) and or PP/13/07064 (West Brompton Village).

You can either make your comment via links on this webpage or post your letter to:
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham
Planning Division
Transport and Technical Services
Town Hall Extension King Street
London W6 9JU

Please e-mail or post your respective comments relating to each application in question to the relevant council, or post them by 31st January 2014.

If you would like to discuss the proposals please call:
John Sanchez (020) 8753 3346
Ieuan Bellis (020) 8753 3474
Katie Brett (020) 8753 3149

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