Conditional Land Sale Agreement

Conditional Land Sale Agreement in respect of land at West Kensington and Gibbs Green Estates (pdf  9MB)

Schedule 1 - Guarantor Substitution Covenant Adequacy and Enhancement (pdf 1.3MB)

Schedule 2 - Purchase contracts (pdf 10MB)

Schedule 3 - Precedent PPDN and Phasing programme (pdf 1.8MB)

Schedule 4 - Sale and purchase of Gibbs Green School (pdf 273kb)

Schedule 5 - Phase completion mechanics (pdf 180kb)

Schedule 6 - Land release and vacant possession and use of option land pending transfer (pdf 2.4MB)

Schedule 7 - Phase transfer (pdf 158kb)

Schedule 8 - Replacement accommodation lease (pdf 2.7MB)

Schedule 9 - Aquisition of out of phase properties (pdf 159kb)

Schedule 10 - Repurchase and overage provisions (pdf 776kb)

Schedule 11 - Replacement accommodation completion mechanics (pdf 282kb)

Schedule 12 - Secure tenancy (pdf 25kb)

Schedule 13 - Adverse rights deeds (pdf 628kb)

Schedule 14 - Draft phase transfer (pdf 778kb)

Schedule 15 - Out of phase properties lease (pdf 1.2MB)

Schedule 16 - Termination and expiry (pdf 988kb)

Schedule 17 - Deed of novation (pdf 359kb)

Schedule 18 - Halfway condition date (pdf 206kb)

Schedule 19 - Forms of charge (pdf 5.3MB)

Schedule 20 - Service charge strategy (pdf 654kb)

Schedule 21 - Ancilliary documents (pdf 1.2MB)

Schedule 22 - Phase impact assessments (pdf 140kb)

Schedule 23 - Agreed collateral warranties (pdf 566kb)

Schedule 24 - GIA allowance (pdf 153kb)

Schedule 25 - Refund termination event (pdf 305kb)

Schedule 26 - Form of rehousing report (pdf 927kb)

Schedule 27 - GEA distribution by phase (pdf 45kb)


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