CPZ J and JJ consultation

Change to controlled parking hours

Last year, the council consulted with residents and businesses in zone J and JJ areas regarding potential changes to controlled hours.

The options provided were as follows:

  • Option 1 - The extension of zone JJ parking controls to also operate in zone J. The controlled hours in the area of zone J to the north of Uxbridge Road and the northern section of Conningham Road between the junction of Stowe Road and Uxbridge Road, would operate Monday to Sunday, 9am to 9pm.
  • Option 2 - Designating around 35 per cent of spaces in zones J and JJ for use by permit holders only, operating Monday to Sunday, 9am to 10pm. The remaining 65 per cent of spaces would operate on a shared-use basis Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. These would be uncontrolled at all other times.

78.31% of responses voted for option 1 and the extension of parking controls.

Based on the results of the consultation feedback, the Cabinet Member for environment has decided to extend the operating hours of CPZ J to Monday to Sunday from 9am – 9pm, for roads north of Uxbridge Road including:

  • Loftus Road
  • Ellerslie Road
  • Bloemfontein Avenue
  • Bloemfontein Road,

and to the south of Uxbridge Road including:

  • the northern section of Coningham Road between the junction of Stowe Road and Uxbridge Road.

All other roads in zone J south of Uxbridge Road remain unchanged.

Map showing proposed CPZ boundaries (pdf 159KB)

What happens next

All residents, resident advisory groups and local businesses in zone J and JJ were written to in July 2021, advising of the proposals.

Now that the formal consultation period is over, the council intends to go live with the new controlled hours on Monday 16 August.

Permit holders: If you live in zone J or zone JJ your permit would still be valid for both zones and visitors’ permits would be available for use in both zones.

Contact parking

If you have any further questions about the consultation, please email enquiries@lbhfparking.com