Controlled parking zones J and JJ consultation

Please note: The council has no preferred outcome. All official literature for this consultation will feature the council’s logo. This includes the background information, consultation document and questionnaire linked below.

We’d like your views on changes to controlled parking in your area.

Last year we consulted you on two options to change the way parking is controlled in zones J and JJ.

During the consultation period we received an objection to the indicative plan for Option 2, as it did not show 35% of permit holder only designated parking.

A small number of respondents found this confusing. 

Therefore, we are consulting again to ensure the community understands the options presented and to provide you another opportunity to have a final say on the option you prefer.

Option 1 - The extension of zone JJ parking controls to operate in zone J. The controlled hours in the entire area will apply Monday to Sunday, 9am to 9pm.

Option 2 - Designating around 35% of spaces in zones J and JJ for use by permit holders only, operating Monday to Sunday 9am to 10pm. The remaining 65% of spaces will operate on a shared use basis Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. These would be uncontrolled at all other times.

Further details on the options are provided below.

The challenges

As with most areas, it’s difficult to find a single parking scheme that suits everyone. There are conflicting views and compromise is needed in zones J and JJ.

We want to give priority to residents, so you can park near your home, while balancing that with the needs of your visitors and local businesses.

We’ve created the options in this consultation with local people after careful consideration of the implications for everyone.

All parking options will provide advantages and disadvantages.

The consultation

The consultation will run for four weeks ending on Monday 16 November 2020.

Have your say


We’ve been trying to reach a compromise for some time between conflicting local views on the best parking controls for this area.

We have been working on new proposals with a parking advisory group made up of representatives of local residents’ associations, businesses, faith groups, local key stakeholders and ward councillors, from both the J and JJ areas.

The advisory group has been extremely helpful in preparing these options. 

The proposed options are intended for everyone in all streets within the current zones J and JJ.

Listening to you

We’ll analyse your feedback, street- by-street, and listen carefully to what you say. It may be appropriate to split the area according to responses received. It is important to recognise this will only be proposed if it can be done without displacing parking to other streets.

Whatever proposals are introduced, we will review the parking scheme to ensure that it works effectively for the whole area. This may result in changes to the scheme but these are likely to be minor.

Residents’ visitors discounted parking

Residents’ visitors using the RVP (Residents’ Visitor Permit) can park at the reduced rate of £1.80 per hour during the control hours in shared use and permit only bays. Using the RVP is free after 5pm on weekdays, and at weekends, but you must activate a parking session to avoid receiving a penalty. More details can be found at 

Option 1

The extension of zone JJ control hours into zone  J

This option continues the current shared-use parking in zones J and JJ, in line with the majority of parking zones in Hammersmith & Fulham.

Parking bays can be used by permit holders and people paying to park.

The proposed days and hours of control that parking restrictions apply are those which currently operate in zone JJ; Monday to Sunday, 9am to 9pm.

Visitor permits (RVP) would allow free parking after 5pm on weekdays, and at all times at the weekend.

Option 2

Permit holder-only and shared-use parking

This option would provide bays in each street for exclusive use by residents’ permit holders and visitor permit holders during the hours 9am to 10pm,  Monday to Sunday. All the remaining bays would be for shared-use during the hours 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. The permit-only bays would be distributed across the zones and located in residential areas where demand for residential parking permits is greater.

Many residents will prefer to park in shared-use bays if these are closer to their homes. So, overall, around 35% of spaces in the area will be permit-only bays.

The locations of permit holder-only bays are not finalised and a further study will be undertaken to establish suitable locations for these if Option 2 is the preferred option.

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