Parking zone reviews and consultations

Controlled Parking Zone J and JJ

Last year, the council consulted with residents and businesses in zone J and JJ areas regarding potential changes to controlled hours. Based on the results of the consultation feedback, we will be extending the operating hours of all roads north of Uxbridge Road in CPZ J on Monday 16 August 2021.

Controlled Parking Zone J and JJ

Controlled visitor parking hours in zones F and S

Some residents and businesses have asked us to reconsider the current rules controlling visitor parking in zones F and S. This consultation closed on 19 February 2018.

Controlled Parking Zone T, H and D

We asked residents and businesses for their opinion on parking controls in CPZ T, H and D. This consultation closed in June 2016.

Controlled Parking Zone B and E

Changes to parking controls in zones B and E (October 2016).

Letters to residents and businesses