Residents’ parking permit - housing estates

Housing estates parking permits

If you live on one of the housing estate listed below you can apply for an estate parking permit to allow you to park on your estate.

You can also apply for a residents' parking permit to allow you to park anywhere in your home controlled parking zone.

  • You can apply for an estate parking permit if you live on one of the following estates: 
    • Aintree Estate 
    • Arthur Henderson and William Banfield 
    • Ash Lodge 
    • Aspen Gardens 
    • Barclay Close 
    • Bayonne Estate 
    • Becklow Gardens 
    • Cedar Lodge 
    • Coningham Road 
    • Clem Attlee Court 
    • Edward Woods Estate 
    • Emlyn Gardens 
    • Flora Gardens 
    • Fulham Court 
    • Gibbs Green 
    • Keir Hardie House 
    • Kelmscott Gardens 
    • Lancaster Court 
    • Lytton Estate 
    • Margravine Estate 
    • Manor Court 
    • Maystar Estate 
    • Pearscroft Estate 
    • Philpot Square 
    • Planetree Court 
    • Queen Caroline Estate 
    • Riverside Gardens 
    • Rowberry Close 
    • Springvale Estate 
    • Stowe Road 
    • Sulgrave Gardens 
    • Sulivan Court 
    • Townmead Estate 
    • West Kensington 
    • White City Estate 
    • William Church Estate 
    • Wood Lane Estate 

Apply for a housing estate parking permit

If your estate is not listed above, please call us on 020 8753 5646 or email 

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