Residents’ parking permit - apply

Apply online

You can apply for a first residents' or housing estate parking permit online if you are registered for council tax at the permit address and have a full driving licence that is valid in the UK. 

If you don't have both these proofs you need to apply using the paper form below. Second permit applications must also be made using the paper form below. 

Payment for the full year's parking permit will be taken as part of the online application process and is non-refundable so please make sure that you are eligible for the permit before you apply. 

When applying for a lower emissions vehicle permit, it is very important you enter the correct emissions level. Failure to do so will result in your permit being cancelled. Your v5c will show the emissions of your vehicle. Or you can go to GOV.UK -

What happens after I have completed the online application form?

Once you have submitted the online application, you will receive two emails, one to say that we have received your application and one saying whether your payment has been successful. 

If your online application and payment is successful, you will be issued with a valid virtual permit straightaway.

We still need to validate all your document proofs including your independent supporting evidence that you will have been asked to upload as part of the online application process.    

When we have validated your document proofs we will email you again to let you know if the proofs have been accepted and confirm that your permit is valid for the full time period you have paid for.

If you didn’t have all the required document proofs to upload as part of the online application, you must send these to us within 30 days.

If you do not supply the required proofs within 30 days, your permit will be cancelled and you will not get a refund. 

Apply online

Apply using the paper application form 

If you’re new to the borough or are applying for the first time and don’t have all the required documents, don’t worry, you can apply using the paper application form and pay for a permit as long as you can supply some of the required documentation.

If you are applying for a second car permit you must use the paper application form. 

We will then issue a permit and you have 30 days to submit the rest of the required documentary evidence. When we have received the rest of your proofs and we have verified that you are eligible for a permit, your permit will be valid for the full time period you have paid for.

Parking permit application or renewal form (pdf 98KB) 

We need you to provide the following proofs along with your paper application form before we can issue a permit: 

  • proof of your main address in H&F 
  • proof that you are the main user and keeper of the vehicle 
  • and proof that you have a driving licence that is valid in the UK. 

Submit your paper application form: 

  • by email to (please attach supporting documents) and include your phone number so that we can contact you to take your payment over the phone 
  • by post to Pay and Park, PO Box 60820, London W6 9UZ. 

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