Doctors' bays

Applying for a bay

If you're a practising GP with a consulting room or surgery in the borough and attend emergencies regularly, we may provide a doctor’s parking bay. We can put up to two doctors' parking bays outside each surgery (only one application is necessary). We will also issue a doctor’s parking permit which you must display in your vehicle when you park in the bay.


In order to assess your application for a doctors' bay an online application form must be completed, and an initial assessment fee of £100 must also be made payable by cheque to 'Hammersmith & Fulham Council' and sent to:

Parking Projects
Transport Policy
5th Floor
Town Hall Extension
King Street
W6 9JU

We charge a £100 assessment fee to process your application and to carry out a site inspection.

After the inspection, we'll decide whether to approve your application and then write to you. If the application is successful, please send payment of £2,000 in order to cover the costs of advertising the Traffic Order and installing the bay. (This will be made payable by cheque to: “Hammersmith & Fulham Council”.)

Once your doctor’s parking bay has been installed you will need to apply for a doctor's bay permit.

To apply for or renew a doctors permit please contact us at

The bays must only be used by GPs while they are working in the surgery and cannot be used at other times. The doctor’s parking permit can only be used to park in particular designated doctor’s parking bays and does not offer any other parking concessions elsewhere in the borough.

All such requests should relate to the doctor’s main practice and where the doctor has more than one practice, a doctor’s parking place will not be provided at more than one of them.

Medical professionals can apply for a Health Emergency Badge to help them park when attending emergencies instead of applying for a doctor’s parking bay.