Hammersmith sales staff help homeless man with act of kindness

Young sales staff from a Hammersmith shoe shop showed the benefits of random acts of kindness after helping a homeless man.

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Staff from the Foot Locker store on King Street in Hammersmith

Young sales staff from a Hammersmith shoe shop showed the benefits of random acts of kindness after helping a homeless man get a much needed new wardrobe.

When a passer-by, known only as Glen, recently brought the elderly homeless man into Foot Locker on King Street, several young staff members were only too happy to help kit him out in some new trainers.

The staff members even sacrificed their staff discounts and paid with their own money to replace not only his ragged footwear, but to get him new socks, a t-shirt and cosy hoodie too.

“This is a fantastic story of compassion and kindness and highlights some of the brilliant people we have living and working in H&F,” said Cllr Sue Fennimore, H&F Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion.

“I hope this story of a simple act of kindness moves more residents to think about other people and what they might do to help, especially our more vulnerable residents.”

On a wet November morning, Glen saw the homeless man in King Street and concerned at the state of the man’s shoes, laceless and torn at the sides, took him to the nearby shop.

In the store Glen had asked the staff for a pair of ‘cheap trainers’ as he’d intended to buy them himself. This kind gesture prompted the helpful staff members into action.

“He reminded me of my dad, and so I did not have to think twice about helping him out. It was just a normal day for us,” said one of the kind-hearted staff members, who did not wish to be singled out.

“We sat him down and measured his feet, before finding the right trainers for him to wear.”

The elderly man picked out a pair of trainers that were a bit more expensive, so the selfless staff members sacrificed their own 50 per cent staff discount to help Glen, as well as giving the man a t-shirt, socks and hoodie paid for out of their own wages.

“He went out looking much better as everyone was seen applauding him as he left,” they added.

The staff said their generosity and selfless actions were the influence of their manager, Marie Petit, who regularly helps buy homeless people breakfast and encourages her staff to think similarly.

The staff member said: “Marie always tells us to help people in need and shares this with all her staff members. We see her act in such a positive way towards others.”

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The Foot Locker store on King Street, Hammersmith

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