Volunteering in our libraries

Do you want to volunteer? Support your neighbourhood, meet new people, share your skills.

Here are our current opportunities.

Summer Reading Challenge

The Summer Reading Challenge is a national reading initiative which encourages children to read for fun over the summer holidays.

The combination of fun, freedom, and creativity impacts significantly on children’s reading levels and confidence. Taking part in the challenge helps prevent the ‘summer reading dip’ which can occur when children are at home over the long summer break and, without reading opportunities, lose confidence in their reading.

We are looking for volunteers to help deliver the Summer Reading Challenge in our libraries. Young people (14 to 25 year olds) are especially welcome to apply to volunteer.

Children and young people’s activity helpers

We are looking for volunteers to help library staff plan and deliver their many events, activities and groups for children and young people.

Activities and groups include:

  • Summer Reading Challenge
  • family learning activities
  • half term events
  • regular story and baby rhyme time events
  • and the regular homework clubs

The library is keen for as many families to get involved as possible, and so are looking for volunteers who can proactively encourage library visitors to participate. Young people (14 to 25 year olds) are especially welcome to apply to volunteer to assist with the Summer Reading Challenge.

Online assistant

Can you help the library's computer users to use their computers more effectively? We are running sessions in our libraries to help people resolve particular computer issues they might have. They can book one hour slots to resolve issues such as:

  • working with attachments
  • organising their files
  • working with photographs
  • shopping/selling online
  • using different applications like eBay or Skype

You will need basic knowledge of computer applications to be able to resolve these queries. If they need further support, you will be able to signpost them to other volunteers or other borough services.

Sessions run Monday to Friday, 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 5pm.

Commitment: 3 to 6 hours per week

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these posts please contact your local library or email libraries@lbhf.gov.uk.