Review of archive collection prior to relocation

Report and appendices

Hammersmith and Fulham Archives, based for many years in the Lilla Huset building on Talgarth Road, is now offering an improved public service from the newly refurbished Hammersmith Library.

In preparation for this move, a review of the archival holdings was carried out earlier this year to help the service make some important decisions, e.g:

  • Identify priority material requiring easy access in the new location
  • Identify holdings needing special environmentally controlled storage conditions
  • Identify holdings that had more appropriate homes in other collections, e.g. at London Metropolitan Archives
  • Identify items not required by the service in the new location, e.g. duplicated or superfluous material

The review findings are now available to view in a report and accompanying 10 appendices; documents below:

Appendix A1 Archive survey (pdf)

Appendix A2 Library survey (pdf)

Appendix A3 OS Survey (pdf)

Appendix A4 Survey summary (pdf)

Appendix A5 LMA [pdf] (pdf)

Appendix A6 Archives statistical summary (pdf)

Appendix A7 School registers (pdf)

Appendix A8 (pdf)

Appendix A9 TNA advice (pdf)

Appendix A10 (pdf)

Review report (pdf)

Changes to the location of collections previously held by H&F Local Studies and Archives

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