Changes to the location of previously held archive collections

Changes to the location of collections previously held by Hammersmith & Fulham local studies and archives

As a result an extensive review of archive collections it was decided that a number of collections previously held by Hammersmith & Fulham local studies and archives would be transferred to London Metropolitan Archives (LMA).

The following collections have since moved to LMA where access is currently by appointment only:

Records of the Manor of Fulham  DD/0014, DD/0015, DD/0251/1 
Rating assessment       DD/0147 
Records of Sir William Bull relating to manorial business       DD/0332/1-18 
Records relating to Hammersmith and City Railway        DD/1081 
Hammersmith Bridge Company      DD/0478, DD/0008 
Fulham Bridge Company   DD/0119, DD/0301, DD/0124/1-2 
Papers relating to share in Fulham Bridge       DD/0127/1-7 
Hammersmith Literary and Scientific Society     DD/0293, DD/0392 
Deeds   DD/0106/1-67 
Parish of St Paul, Hammersmith  DD/0071, DD/0746, DD/0818 
Records of Fulham Baptist Church Missionary Council     DD/0785 
Records of Walham Green and Fulham Methodist Circuit    DD/0344, DD/0368 
Records of Hammersmith Methodist Circuit        DD/0370 
Records of Fulham Palace Road United Reformed Church    DD/0693 
Records relating to Munster Park, Munster Road and Wandsworth Bridge Road Methodist Churches    DD/0910 
Records of Munster Park Methodist Church and St Barnabas, West Kensington       DD/0976/1-342 
Fulham Baptist Church   DD/0953, DD/0499 
Oaklands Congregational Church  DD/0711, DD/0969, DD/0817, A2000/31, A2004/09 
Oaklands Congregational Church and Askew Methodist Church       DD/0713 
Records of Broadway Congregational Church       DD/0496, DD/0497 
Records of the Broadway Congregational Friendly Society         DD/0045 
Records of Hammersmith and West Kensington Synagogue    DD/1097 
Records relating to Brook Green Synagogue and tailor's business DD/0665 Records of Peterborough Primary School, Clancarty Road, Fulham  DD/1098 Records of Langford Road School, Fulham DD/1013/1-23 
Records of the West London Hospital and Postgraduate Medical College, Fulham Hospital and Western Hospital      DD/1030 (Western Hospital) 
Records of Hammersmith and Fulham Community Health Council      A2004/03 
Fulham Infirmary Visitors' Book DD/0111/1 
Baptism Registers of West London and Charing Cross Hospitals    DD/1028/1-2 
Records of West London Hospital, Fulham Maternity Hospital, Charing Cross Hospital, Western Hospital    DD/0931 
Plans of Fulham Hospital        A2001/07 
Western Hospital        DD/0616, A2001/08 
West London Hospital    DD/0806, DD/0815, DD/0960 
Fulham Board of Guardians       FBG 
LCC Public Health Department divisional files Conference of Local Authorities owning electricity undertakings in Greater London

For further information on making arrangements to view the above collections, please contact London Metropolitan Archives: 
London Metropolitan Archives, 
40 Northampton Road 
London EC1R 0HB 
0207 332 3820 

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