Defend council homes policy sub-group terms of reference

Agreed: 12 January 2021
Due for review: January 2022

1. Objectives

1.1. To monitor, on an ongoing basis, the council’s implementation of and compliance with the Defend Council Homes (DCH) policy.

1.2. To collaborate with council officers and residents to assist in the implementation and monitoring of the DCH policy.

2. Activities of the DCHP SG

Sub-group members will:

2.1. Undertake training to ensure all members have a good working knowledge of the DCH policy.

2.2. During the initial transitional period of implementing the DCH policy, collaborate with officers in producing associated good practice guidance:

2.2.1. For officers: on recruitment and support of residents’ steering groups (RSGs).

2.2.2. For officers: a DCH policy implementation guide.

2.2.3. For residents: on how to operate effectively and inclusively as an RSG.

2.3. Liaise with officers and residents’ steering groups on an ongoing basis to monitor compliance with the DCH policy.

2.4. Make recommendations to the council and to the Housing Representatives Forum (HRF) on how to embed knowledge of the DCH policy amongst officers and residents in the long term.

2.5. Report to HRF twice yearly, in conjunction with officers’ reports to HRF of redevelopment activities in relation to the DCH policy.

2.6. Promote a culture of co-production and collaboration so that all residents have opportunities to work together with the council, in a fair and equal way.

3. Membership

3.1 Membership is open to all Housing Representatives Forum members and will be agreed at the first meeting of the sub-group.

3.2 Membership is subject to four conditions, that members undertake to:

3.2.1 Work co-operatively, constructively and inclusively as part of a team.

3.2.2 Develop strong knowledge and understanding of the DCH policy, with the support of appropriate training.

3.2.3 Set aside the time necessary to attend meetings and training.

3.2.4 Abide by the agreed code of conduct (pdf 96KB).

4. Equalities, diversity and inclusion

4.1 The council believes in a fair society that gives everyone an equal chance to learn, work and live free from discrimination, harassment, and prejudice and recognises that the diversity of our community is an asset to our borough.

4.2 The council will ensure no-one is discriminated against based on their age, class, disability, employment status, ethnic or national origins, race or colour, HIV status, marital status, religious or political beliefs, responsibilities for children or dependants, sex, sexuality, trade union activities and unrelated criminal convictions.

4.3 DCHP SG members will recognise the existence and importance of the different lifestyles within our communities. The sub-group will work to ensure that no group or individual will be directly or indirectly discriminated against.

4.4 The council will ensure relevant support is provided so that the membership of the sub-group is accessible to all. Members must abide by the code of conduct which undertakes to deal firmly and promptly with any cases of discrimination, harassment, or prejudice.

5. Frequency of meetings

5.1 The DCHP SG will meet monthly or more frequently if required.

5.2 All meetings will be held online or in venues accessible to all sub-group members.

6. Quorum and decision-making

6.1 A quorum will be 50% of members. If a meeting takes place with fewer than 50% of members present, initial decisions will be noted and circulated to all group members for further discussion and decision.

6.2 Decisions will be made by consensus.

7. Officer support

7.1 The DCHP SG will be provided with officer support to co-ordinate their work.

7.2 Meeting papers and other supporting materials will be supplied no less than 7 calendar days before the date of the meeting.

7.3 Notification of meetings will be given with no less than seven calendar days’ notice.