Introducing H&F Maintenance

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Your housing repairs service is called H&F Maintenance.

We listened to what residents told us about the old repairs service and we've taken direct control of repairs and maintenance for our 17,000 homes.

We’re determined to provide a safe and secure place to live. H&F Maintenance is responsible for all housing repairs and maintenance. When you report a problem, our customer contact centre is here to help.

If you need to report a repair, call us on 0800 023 4499. Urgent repairs should also be reported by calling this number. If you can't call us, fill in our online housing repair form. Our staff will carry out many of the jobs on your estate, but we use trusted contractors to do some repairs and specialist work in your home.

Image caption: The council has set up a new council-run repairs service

We’re ready to help

If repairs or maintenance are needed in your home, communal areas, or on your estate, our customer service centre staff are at the end of the line, ready to help.

We’ve used your feedback and suggestions to create H&F Maintenance and we want it to be the best maintenance service possible. But we may take a little time to get up to speed, so please bear with us.

We want H&F Maintenance to match what residents want from a repairs service. We hope, within a relatively short period of time, you will be able to see the difference.

The people who use the service are the ones who know best, and we’re here to listen. We want to work with residents to make H&F Maintenance the best housing repairs service there is. 

DLO on the go

Your H&F Direct Labour Organisation (DLO) is doing something new to improve the service you get when it comes to communal repairs.

We’ve launched Estate Repair Days to get many of those little jobs that need doing done all together. On our Clem Attlee Estate Repair Day, last month,  we deployed a small team of electricians, decorators, carpenters, plumbers, groundworkers and supervisors who did day to day repairs ‘on the go’. They worked like communal repairs hit squad, making your estate a better place to live.

This is a great  way to group together  different repairs and an opportunity to see what works are being carried out. Residents, housing officers and TRA’s enjoyed seeing the DLO in action, making their community look tidy.

We’ve got big plans for these Estate Repair Days in 2020, with more joint working between our teams to spruce-up your estate. We’ll be making this a monthly event, tackling communal repairs on the different estates around the borough. So stay tuned to see where they head to next!

Frequently asked questions

1. What are you doing about repairs and maintenance works reported before 17 April?

All urgent repairs reported to Mitie before 17 April should have been completed. Non-urgent repairs reported will have been passed on to H&F Maintenance. This was to ensure Mitie finishes all its work before their contract comes to an end.

2. What can I do if I have a complaint about the work Mitie has carried out?

If you have a complaint regarding a repair completed by Mitie, contact us and tell us about your complaint. We'll do our best to put it right.

3. Will changes to the new repair service have impact on the Fire Safety Plus programme?

No. Keeping our tenants and leaseholders safe is of utmost importance to us. So our Fire Safety Plus programme will continue as planned.

5. As a Leaseholder, will there be impact on my service charges?

No. Leaseholders will be asked to continue to pay relevant service charge towards any costs the council incurs in maintaining and renewing the common and structural parts of your home, building or estate.

6. Will the planned maintenance work programme for lifts still happen?

Yes. We’re planning to start works in April. We’ll be in touch with the tenants of affected blocks nearer the time, once the dates are finalised.