Misleading Evening Standard story

You may have read claims in the Evening Standard that Hammersmith Bridge may be closed for good. That is simply not true. The Standard’s editorial also makes a series of unfounded and factually incorrect claims.

So, to put the record straight and reassure the residents and businesses affected by the current works on the bridge, we confirm that both H&F Council and Transport for London (TfL) are working closely together to re-open the bridge to motorised traffic as soon as possible - which our world-class, specialist engineers advise will be within three years.

The Standard bases its bizarre claims on an assertion that ‘the estimated repair bill will be near £100million’, but they admitted to the council that this figure was invented by a journalist.

The Standard also falsely reported that the council wants to ‘replace Hammersmith Bridge with a Thames tunnel’. That’s also nonsense, which they subsequently removed from the online version of their story.

For more information about what’s happened to Hammersmith Bridge and what we and TfL are doing to fully restore it please visit our Hammersmith Bridge page.

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