Support for adult social care providers

Hammersmith & Fulham Council is committed to supporting all providers of adult social care that are caring for our residents all over the UK. We are heartened at the care and support that our providers have worked to keep our residents safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Adult social care provider payment arrangements and support during the COVID-19 pandemic

This information is correct at the time of publication, as required by the Care Home Support Plan Submission on 29 May 2020.

These arrangements are subject to review based on changes to local priorities, and/or changes to the level of COVID-19 government funding received by the council, and conditions associated with that funding.

To ensure that our providers are able to carry out their work and in acknowledgement of the impact on staffing and resources, the council has offered the following:

Borough based care homes and homecare

Daily welfare calls 

Our contracted and spot accommodation - based and homecare providers - are contacted twice weekly (we contacted providers daily from 17.03. until recently) for updates on their current status with regards to their residents, staffing, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and to check infection control processes are in place and being followed.

These calls are also used to ensure that any new guidance or support mechanisms have been communicated and incorporated. The information from these calls is logged on a situation report to ensure clear understanding of changes as they occur, to help target interventions and to observe trends. 

The information gathered is regularly reviewed by officers from Public Health, Clinical Commissioning Group, safeguarding and Council Commissioners to agree support arrangements or interventions that are needed to support individual homes. 


We are working in partnership with our providers – contracted and non contracted - to ensure sufficient levels of PPE are available and we support them with supplies when needed. Spend to date on PPE = £1.7m providing to (not exclusively):

  • Residents on Direct Payments arrangements
  • Care Homes
  • Home Care providers
  • Extra Care
  • Mental Health support
  • Prison service
  • Housing
  • Learning Disabilities support
  • Pharmacies
  • Homeless service


H&F have been part of a pilot with Imperial to test staff and residents in care homes. The council and the Care Commissioning Group have also been working together to support providers with access to testing when nationally available routes have been difficult to access or navigate.  

Financial support

Spend to date £1.48m:

Care Home Placements
£ 423,190

The council is aware of the financial challenges and have provided support to care homes, increasing their weekly rate (per resident) by 5% above the annual inflation uplift, which was applied 01 April 2020.

Home Care
£ 314,268

Commissioned homecare providers are being paid fortnightly based on commissioned hours as opposed to monthly based on actuals which equates to an estimated additional 10%

Day Care
£ 31,079

The borough’s Day Care centres have been, and remain, temporarily closed during the pandemic and where possible have been working to an outreach model.  The previous year’s funding arrangements have been rolled over into 2020/21 to ensure providers are financially supported. 

Infection Control Grant
£ 668,000

On 13 May 2020 the government announced an additional £600 million to support providers through a new Adult Social Care Infection Control Fund. Nine H&F CQC registered Care Homes were identified to be the recipients of 75% of the central government’s Infection Control Fund (grant).

The council has allocated the 25% discretionary balance to providers on the understanding that they will act in accordance with the grant guidance:

  • Care Homes
  • Extra Care
  • Supported Living
  • Home Care

£ 43,000

As a member of the London Community Equipment Consortium, H&F has contributed to providers of equipment to ensure reassurance, stability and continuity of service.

Providers can submit a request for further funding for COVID-19 Infection Control specific costs, which will be considered on a case by case basis.


The council has worked with accommodation based and homecare providers to set in place arrangements to manage infection control and minimise risk to residents. To ensure capacity, the council has worked across London to ensure sufficient community-based beds for use prior to admission into a care home.    

Out of borough based homes / accommodation

The council is aware of the financial challenges that out of borough based care home placements and supported living providers face and has provided support through increasing each resident’s weekly rate by 5% above the annual inflation uplift, which was applied 01 April 2020. 

Care home resilience plans

Every area has developed a care home resilience plan in line with governance guidance showing how we are working with care homes in the context of Covid-19.

This included work on infection control and joint work between partners to enhance clinical advice and support. The attached document highlights the risks we identified and are managing in this context and is published in this format as requested by government.

H&F care home support (xls)