Public health vision statement 2016 – 2020

In line with the council’s overall ambition to be ‘the best council’, this vision will set the direction and intentions for public health as a driving force to make Hammersmith and Fulham a place where everyone starts life well, lives well and ages well. 

Ambition to deliver the vision

We will work with our colleagues within the council, the NHS and other partners to improve and protect health and wellbeing and reduce health inequalities within Hammersmith and Fulham. 

Our focus will be;

  1. To improve health opportunities, particularly those associated with childhood poverty and social exclusion.
  2. To reduce the rates of childhood obesity by increasing the number of children that leave school with a healthy weight.
  3. To improve the quality and supply of homes and reduce homelessness in recognition that a safe and secure home is a fundamental determinant of good health, both physical and mental. 
  4. To improve mental and physical wellbeing by designing and delivering services that have the capacity to have the biggest impact on prevention, early intervention and positive health promotion.

We will work with others to deliver these ambitions through the joint health and wellbeing strategy. 

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