The re-procurement of travel care for H&F

In late 2016, Hammersmith & Fulham made the decision to separate its travel care and support from the shared services arrangement which had been in place since 2012.

The overall purpose of this re-procurement was to build quality care and support elements into our travel arrangements for eligible children, young people (many of whom have complex needs or special educational needs) and vulnerable adults with learning and physical disabilities. The borough wanted to ensure they receive person-centred services that recognise and cater for their individual needs.

The strategic intentions of this procurement were to create a quality travel care service for vulnerable children to and from school as part of the wider priority of the current administration to give children the best start in life.

We want a service that:

  • Delivers enhanced quality achieved through increased training of drivers and travel care assistants, communication between the providers, stakeholders and relationships between staff and service users.
  • Has a dedicated focus on Hammersmith & Fulham residents.
  • Establishes a strategic relationship between providers and stakeholders (including the council).
  • Is delivered by providers sharing our ethos towards travel care and can provide clear community benefits.

Detailed work, consultation and co-design took place with service users, parents, carers, schools, day services, the special educational needs service, the contact service, the looked after children and care leavers’ service, the disabled children’s service, adult social care, existing providers and potential providers. The council held a market day that was successful in generating high levels of interest from potential providers who were looking forward to the opportunity of participating in this procurement process. The overall summary of this work can be viewed in further detail in our You Said We Did (pdf) document. 

In early 2017, potential providers submitted their tenders for evaluation. The implementation of the contract requires close partnership working between the Local Authority and the new supplier to ensure successful implementation and effective delivery of services.

Travel care and support service