Disabled parking bays

Disabled bays are clearly marked as individual bays with ‘DISABLED’ painted on the road. Any driver correctly displaying a valid Blue Badge can park in the bay.

Blue Badge holders can also park in almost any shared use bay in the borough when correctly displaying a Blue Badge. You do not have to park in a designated disabled parking bay. For this reason we do not provide a map of disabled parking bays. 

Some disabled bays have been designated for use by specific individuals. Such bays are individually numbered – a vehicle parking in such a bay must clearly display a valid disabled permit which is specific to that bay. Blue Badges are not valid in these bays. Find out about Blue Badges

How to get a disabled parking bay on your road

If you are a Blue Badge holder, we want to help you park near your home. If you do not have a driveway or garage, you can apply for a disabled parking bay as close to your house or flat as possible.

In order to apply for a disabled bay please fill in the online disabled bay application form.

Apply for a disabled parking bay

If you apply for a bay, we will pay for you to have an independent medical assessment so that we can assess your mobility. From when we receive your application it can take up to five months to set up a bay as legally we must consult the emergency services and transport groups.

Disabled parking bay application criteria

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