Adult carers

See People First website for information on caring for someone.

Young carers

If you are a young carer aged five to 19, your own health and development may be affected because of your caring responsibilities at home.

You may not get the chance to go out with your friends or do your homework. Perhaps you skip school and you might worry a lot about your home situation. Sometimes it gets too much.

As a young carer you have the same rights as other carers. If you are, or someone you know is, a young carer looking after a family member who has a physical illness or disability, mental health difficulties, or difficulty with drugs or alcohol, help is available.

We can help with:

  • support in identifying and using services that can assist you
  • one-to-one support, advice and guidance, including home visits
  • free activities and events to give you a break from your caring role, and a chance to meet other young carers. These include regular term-time groups and activities during school holidays
  • specialist training workshops on health, wellbeing and caring.

More information for young people with caring responsibilities

Please see Family Support website for more information for young people with caring responsibilities

People you can contact for help

Young carers can access a wide range of youth activities in the borough

Carers’ allowance

Find out about the carers’ allowance on the GOV.UK website.