Worried about foxes?

Foxes are now a common sight in London. While some people welcome them as an interesting addition to the capital’s wildlife, others view them as pests.

Most complaints about foxes are about their presence in gardens. You can do a lot to deter foxes:

  • keep pets and poultry in fox-proof accommodation
  • don't feed pets in the garden
  • don’t put meat and household waste on compost heaps
  • store refuse in containers or dustbins – don’t leave it outside in plastic bags
  • don’t put refuse out until the day of collection
  • don’t leave food out for foxes as this will increase the number of foxes the area will sustain

As with any pest, responsibility for dealing with foxes lies with the landowner. Please contact a pest control company if you have a problem with foxes.

How can I deal with my fox problem?

Problems like fox noise are seasonal and last for just a couple of weeks.

Fox attacks on humans are extremely rare. If you are concerned about leaving young children or babies sleeping or playing inside a room because foxes have been seen in your area, here are a few precautions:

  • don’t leave ground-floor windows or those above a flat roof open more than three inches
  • don’t leave French windows or external ground-floor doors open, especially after dark
  • don’t use fertilisers containing blood, fish and bone meal as they will attract foxes.
  • if you have foxes living in your garden you can use an animal repellent (Scoot, Stay Off, Get off My Garden, Wash Off and Get Off).

Success with repellents requires persistence over several weeks. Foxes will not leave their territory easily and will increase their scent marking if their territory is threatened. Problems with scent marking and faeces may get worse before they improve.

If you have a den in your garden you can block the entrance, but you should only ever use soft soil while cubs are around. You must be sure the den is completely vacated before blocking it with rubble or cement.

It is illegal to trap foxes inside their den or to put down poisoned food for them. This puts other people and wildlife at risk. Penalties include fines of around £20,000 and a jail sentence.

For further advice, please contact The Fox Website or call 0208 753 1081.