Local land charges

We carry out all official searches covered by the Local Land Charges Act 1975, guaranteeing complete and comprehensive replies by the council to the Official Certificate of Search (LLC1) and CON 29 enquiries (pdf 170KB).

CON29 Services are subject to VAT and this has been included in the applicable fees and charges. We have increased most fees and charges in line with inflation, to take effect on 1 April 2018, and have updated our table of fees accordingly.

We provide solicitors, conveyancers and their clients with information about the land or property they're interested in. There's a local search form to fill in and send to us with your payment.

A local search consists of two parts:

  • restrictions on the property which are binding on successive owners, such as financial charges, tree preservation orders and enforcement notices
  • replies to enquiries on a nationally agreed form giving information of a more general nature. These include planning and building control history and outstanding statutory notices.

Much of this information is supplied to Local Land Charges by other council departments, the government and outside bodies.

Official searches

The Law Society, which regulates solicitors, encourages the use of official searches and considers that alternative personal searches of the statutory register, disclosing only limited information, should be undertaken only with the approval of the client when time does not permit an official search.

You should check with your solicitor that an official search has been carried out and ask to inspect the Official Certificate of Search (LLC1) and CON 29.

Personal searches

A personal search is a search of the Local Land Charges Register only and does not reveal the full information provided by an official search. There is no charge for this service.

We have made improvements to this service and from 11 December 2017, if you email us before 2pm on a weekday, we can send you the results of your search on the same day.

Email your request to land_charges@lbhf.gov.uk

Requests other than by email, can still be collected from the Reception, 1st Floor, Hammersmith Town Hall Extension, King Street, London W6 9JU. If we receive your request by 3pm, your results will be ready for collection the following day. 

Other statutory registers held by the council are open for public inspection during normal office hours.

CON 29 questions

The CON 29 enquiries form, which forms part of the official search, contains many 'warning' questions, the answers to which are not forthcoming on any of the statutory registers.

Examples of the information to be found only by submitting a CON 29 form are:

  • notices under the Planning, Highways and Public Health Acts not found on any register
  • compulsory purchase orders
  • road proposals or schemes (including road widening)

If you rely on a personal search from a solicitor or personal search company, may we remind you that they are not given or entitled to receive, answers to the questions on the CON 29 form, and any information they do obtain is not covered by Section 10(3) of the Local Land Charges Act 1975, which relates to compensation for loss. The only way to receive this information is to submit the Official Certificate of Search (LLC1) and CON 29 enquiries forms.

An official local authority search provides you with the complete and comprehensive information as per the CON 29 enquiries form, in line with the Local Land Charges Act 1975 and Local Land Charges Rules 1977.

Search fees

We offer a differential pricing policy for searches submitted through the National Land Information Service (NLIS). NLIS is a one-stop shop to all land and property information and it enables us to receive and return search requests electronically.

This makes a big difference to the speed with which we can turnaround our searches. Refer to the differential pricing policy below. For more information regarding NLIS please visit their website: www.nlis.org.uk.

Fee type

Fee applicable from 1 April 2017

Fee applicable from 1 April 2018







LLC1 Additional Parcel of Land






Con29(R) (NLIS)






Con29(O) (NLIS)



Additional Enquiry



Additional Enquiry (NLIS)



Con29(R) Additional Parcel of Land



Con29(R) Additional Parcel of Land (NLIS)



Personal Search (LLC Register)



Personal Search (LLC Register) Additional Parcel of Land)



Personal Search (Individual Questions on CON29(R) including sub-sections)



Copy of a Search



Cheques should be made payable to LBHF.

Please see the PDF below for links to information and contacts relating to questions asked on the CON29 enquiry form:

CON29 enquiry form (pdf 170KB)

Turnaround time

We aim to return your search within 10 working days. Many of our searches will be completed earlier than this. We work to carry out searches in the date order that we receive them.

Planning and building control

Environmental Services keeps the Statutory Planning Register of Applicants and Decisions (kept in line with s69 of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990); and the London Development Framework Plan.

All building regulations and planning enquiries are dealt within Environmental Services. Call 020 8753 1081 between 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Send any written enquiries to:

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham 
Town Hall Extension 
King Street 
London, W6 9JU 



A list of all highways within the borough maintained at public expense

Highways register maintainable at public expense (pdf 145KB)

Drainage enquiries

We no longer act as an agent for Thames Water Utilities. Please refer enquiry 3.3 of Form CON29(R) directly to Thames Water Utilities for replies.

Thames Water  
PO Box 3189 
SL1 4WW 
DX No: 151280 Slough 13

Useful Thames Water contacts

Residential conveyancing 
0118 923 6656 
Fax: 0118 923 6657 

Commercial conveyancing 
0118 923 6652 
Fax: 0118 923 6655 

Asset location searches
0118 923 6664 
Fax: 0118 923 6669 

HM Registry Service

We do not hold a register of private land ownership. The HM Land Registry Office which deals with land ownership for the Hammersmith & Fulham area is in Birkenhead: 

Birkenhead (Rosebrae) District Land Registry 
Rosebrae Court 
Woodside Ferry Approach 
CH41 6DU 

DX No: 24270 Birkenhead (4)  
0151 472 6666 
Fax:0151 472 6789



Contact us

Office hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

020 8753 2765

Environmental Services 
Local Land Charges 
PO Box 67719 
W6 6FA

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