Seaside and country homes

Seaside and country homes

Moving out of London to the seaside

Due to the scarcity of council housing in the borough, many of our applicants are also considering other housing options including moving out of London to the seaside, small towns and to the countryside.

Have you ever thought about living by the sea or in the country? We may be able to help you.

What is it?

The government’s Seaside and Country Homes scheme offers one and two bedroom accommodation for those where the lead tenant in your household is aged over 60 years and where you live in social housing in Greater London. 

Around 3,200 properties are managed under the scheme, with around 300 households being rehoused each year. The scheme offers opportunities to move to bungalows and flats throughout the south of England and Midlands.

For information or to request an application form you can contact the Seaside and Country Homes team on 08450 21 20 20 or visit (opens new window).

Who can apply?

You are eligible to register if:

  • You are a council tenant of Hammersmith & Fulham (Housing Association tenants should approach their landlord), and
  • You or your partner are aged over 60 years.

How the process works

Once your application is processed you will receive an acknowledgment together with confirmation of your points.  Points are awarded on the basis of the number of bedrooms in the property you will be vacating. The more bedrooms you have, the more points you will be awarded.

As properties become available the applicant with the most points, having selected that area, will be offered the opportunity to view and accept the property. Should it be rejected, the second applicant with the most points will be offered the property and so on.

Refusing an offer

You may refuse a property you are offered, however, should you turn down three offers you are likely to be asked to reconsider your application.

What assistance will I receive?

Should you be rehoused through the Seaside and Country Homes scheme you may be entitled to assistance with your removal costs and a grant reflecting the number of bedrooms you are vacating.

A further option to move - Lawn

Lawn is a landlord referral scheme that aims to help households move from London to other parts of the UK. If you are interested in a Lawn move and wish to have more information on how to access the scheme then please contact 08450 21 20 20. There are no age restrictions although each council will operate their scheme according to their own eligibility criteria.

Further housing mobility options can be found at the DirectGov website (opens new window).

How to apply

You will automatically become a member of the scheme if you have applied for housing and any of the following apply to you:

  • Your name is already on the housing register, tenant transfer or sheltered housing list, or
  • You are homeless and the council has told you that you qualify for rehousing.    

If you have not applied for housing, you will need to complete a housing register application form.

» Download the housing register application form (pdf 388KB)

You will also need to provide some original documents so that we can confirm the information you have provided. Contact us for more information on the contact detals below.

Rehousing Options Team
145-155 King Street, Hammersmith, London W6 9XY
020 8753 4156/4014

If you are overcrowded you can also contact

Housing Solutions Team 
77 Glenthorne Road, Hammersmith, W6 0LJ  
Tel: 020 8753 4189

If you are already a council tenant and wish to apply for a transfer, you can pick up a form from your local area housing office.
For more information view (opens new window).

» Download Housing Moves - Tenant's Information (pdf 1.6MB)

Read about applicants who moved away and enjoy living at the seaside and in the countryside!

» Download Seaside Home - Anne Dolan's story (pdf 290KB)
» Download Countryside Home - Eileen Filmer's story (pdf 327KB)

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