Racial harassment

What is racial harassment?

Racial harassment is when a person causes alarm or distress to you because of your race, religion, ethnicity or the colour of your skin.

What if a person does not say anything racist, but their actions cause alarm or distress. Will that be classed as racial harassment?

Yes. Racial harassment is not just limited to verbal abuse. Racial harassment can be any of the following:

  • verbal abuse
  • physical abuse
  • graffiti
  • targeted noise nuisance
  • receiving racist mail
  • receiving racist telephone calls or text messages
  • damage to your property

What should a person do when they experience any of the above?

They should report the incident.

What happens if the incident does not seem to be a racist incident, but I feel it was a racist incident?

The incident will be recorded as a racist incident, as long as you inform the person you are reporting to that this is your belief. We and the police will record an incident as a racist one if the incident is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.

Who and where can I report such incidents to?

You can report incidents to the police or your housing provider. You can contact your local police station by calling 101.

What happens after a report has been made?

You will be informed of the options that will allow the report to be progressed and then the decision will be yours as to what action you wish to proceed with. No action will be taken without your consent.