Neighbourhood wardens

Who we are

A uniformed team patrolling the estates and streets of the borough in order to prevent, report and deal with problems caused by crime and anti-social behaviour.

What we do

Neighbourhood wardens are out on the streets seven days a week, keeping an eye on the local neighbourhood by watching for signs of crime, vandalism and anti-social behaviour. We are on hand to report, investigate and deal with problems while on patrol and in response to calls from members of the public.

Our wardens:

  • report offences such as vandalism, fly tipping, graffiti and anti-social behaviour to the police or the council's rubbish and graffiti removal services
  • investigate reports of nuisance, anti-social behaviour and security issues
  • monitor and deter anti-social behaviour using state of the art CCTV equipment as well as photographic and video technology. We also act as professional witnesses when presenting evidence to the police
  • enforce the borough-wide controlled drinking zone and issue fixed penalty notices for offences including dog fouling and litter dropping
  • play an active role in the community, visiting schools and community centres running youth projects and attending community and resident meetings.

When we operate

A borough-wide service, we are available seven days a week, Monday to Saturday from 8am until 11pm and Sunday from 10am until 10pm. Neighbourhood wardens are uniformed and carry identification.

How to contact us

Please report anti-social behaviour to the neighbourhood warden service on 020 8753 2645 Monday to Saturday 8am to 11pm and Sunday 10am to 10pm. At other times you will be put through to the council out-of-hours service who will take a message to pass on to the neighbourhood wardens as soon as they are back on duty.

The neighbourhood wardens can also be contacted by email at

In an emergency where a crime is in progress, always call 999.

Non emergency Police number 101

Stephen Gibbs
Neighbourhood wardens manager

Head of community safety unit
To be confirmed

Postal address:
Hammersmith Town Hall
King Street
London W6 9JU

020 8753 2645

This information on this page can be downloaded here Neighbourhood wardens - cracking down on crime and anti-social behaviour leaflet (pdf)