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H&F Safer Neighbourhood Board – new members sought

The Safer Neighbourhood Board is the primary mechanism by which the community hold the local police to account. The board is seeking to expand its membership.

Board members are generally people who actively represent their local communities. If you have an interest in policing and crime issues, and can attend a meeting with senior police from the borough once every three months, then perhaps you might be interested.

If so please complete the form below. The panel intend to make recommendations for new members to the next meeting on 22 March. Successful candidates will be invited to this meeting.

Applications closed on 28 February 2018.

Further information

If you're interested in the role additional information is available below.

  • Overview

    Introduced by the Mayor of London’s Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC), the Safer Neighbourhood Board (SNB) has several functions which include establishing local policing and crime priorities as well as monitoring police performance and confidence. It consists of local residents including ward panel members, Neighbourhood Watch members and representatives of the Stop and Search Committee, and is now seeking to extend beyond these groups.

    The board meets four times a year, with additional meetings for some members with MOPAC at City Hall, or being involved in community engagement events.

    For more information on SNBs please download MOPAC’s SNB guidance (pdf).

  • Membership

    The board seeks to be as representative of the borough of Hammersmith & Fulham as possible, both in terms of where its members live in the borough and the groups they represent. For example, if you represent the experiences of any of the groups below then we would like to hear from you:

    • disabled people
    • people who are affected by substance misuse
    • black and minority ethnic groups
    • people with different faith backgrounds
    • younger people
    • older people
    • survivors of domestic violence
    • victims of crime.
  • Recruitment process

    The recruitment process for all representatives will take place in three phases.

    1. Expressions of interest are being sought from people who represent the experiences of the groups listed above. Please could you complete a short nomination form and submit it to H&F Council’s Community Safety Unit by Wednesday 28 February 2018.

    2. The SNB chair, senior police and senior community safety representative, and the deputy leader of H&F Council will meet to review the nomination forms and offer recommendations to the board regarding the candidates.

    3. Recommendations will then be circulated to all board members prior to the meeting scheduled for 22 March 2018, where the recommendations will be ratified. The board will be asked to confirm the new members from that list.

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